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3rd Millennium Classrooms - Prevention Course

3rd Millennium Classroom alcohol and drug course help.


Active Directory Services

Information Services provides Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Services for all users on campus which allows all services and resources that use Microsoft Authentication to validate users using their Duck ID credentials.


Banner - Enterprise Resource Planning

Banner is the software used by UO employees to conduct the university's business, which includes processes involving student information, human resources, finance, budgets, accounts receivable, payroll, and financial aid.

BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar) Remote Support

BeyondTrust (formally Bomgar) allows UO IT technicians to remotely connect to end-user systems to resolve problems or train customers.

Business Application Access Request

Account setup for business applications like Banner, AppWorx, DuckDocs, etc.

Business Application Account Password Help

Request a password reset for the following business application accounts: AppWorx Test, Singularity, Singularity Test, Data Warehouse, Data Warehouse Test


Cable Television

Information Services supports cable television services for public spaces in undergraduate residence halls and facilitates delivery of cable television services for other campus entities on a case-by-case basis. - Localist help

For technical assistance with

Canvas Support Services

Request support with Canvas and Instructional Design. Some of the areas of support are: Canvas tools, setting up a Canvas course site, help with instructional design.


Caterease is the catering booking software for University Conference & Catering Services.

Cellular Phone Service

Cellular phone service is provided by various individual departments on campus.

Classroom Support - Academic Units

For support issues pertaining to technology within classrooms managed directly by academic units.

Classroom Technology

IS Classroom Technology provides classroom design and equipment distribution services to support the instructional technology needs of the university community.

College of Design - Copier Code Requests

The College of Design offers copy/scanning/printing from a select group fo Xerox copiers located in our facilities for faculty, staff, and GEs.

College of Design - Technology Purchase Request

The College of Design Technology Services provides technology purchasing assistance to all faculty and staff within the College, as well as outlying research groups and institutes. We also offer guidance to College of Design students for purchasing technology equipment per their program.

College of Design Academic Course Folders

College of Design Technology Services (DesignTech) offers network file storage for academic courses free of charge. Course folders are available on a term by term basis.

For instructors requesting a new folder, please provide your Class Number and the appropriate CRN information below.

For students requesting access, please provide your class number and instructor name.

College of Design Computer Lab Reservations & Support

The College of Design schedules and manages six instructional labs and two open labs for the college in various buildings across campus.

College of Design Computer Lab Software Request

The College of Design schedules and manages six instructional labs and two open labs for the college in various buildings across campus.

College of Design Student Software

The College of Design offers access to the software application Multiframe for students in the Architecture program.


Compass is the environmental control system for residence halls

Conference Phone Services

Allows for the use of several types of conference calling services including use of the UO phone system telephones to make conference calls and reserving toll free conference lines.

Conference Programmer

Conference Programmer is an event planning software utilized by Conference Services.


Confluence is a content collaboration tool that is used by IT staff to create, share, and collaborate on team documentation and projects.


CrashPlan is an unlimited, online data protection and backup service.

CS Gold and ID Card Services systems

CS Gold and webmanager are tools used by ID Card Services and for Duck Bucks.


Data Center Access & Removal

This service allows users to request personnel access or removal of personnel access to the following data centers: Allen Hall, Oregon Hall, and/or Computing Center.

Data Center Help for Existing Non-UO Tenants

This services is for public tenants not affiliated with the Univeristy of Oregon who have equipment in one of the data centers located on campus.

Data Center Maintenance Coordination

Coordinating fire alarm testing, electrical work, and more with the data center operations team.

Data Center Services

Colocation allows you to place a new or existing server in an Information Services data center. UO departments may be allocated rack space in Allen Hall Data Center, or request help with an existing colocated server. IS staff may request help with equipment in Oregon Hall or Computing Center data center.

Data Protection

Data protection services offers a way to protect your system and server data by either creating replicas or backups of data.

DeArmond MakerSpace

DeArmond MakerSpace in the Allan Price Science Commons provides experintial learning space for creating materials, by example with 3D printing, laser cutting, or stitching.

Device Training

There are variety of training options for devices used on campus, including web based and in person classes.

Domain Name Services

Domain Name Services allows users to request a custom domain name or request changes to an existing domain name.

Duck Bucks

Request assistance with Duck Bucks readers or request the setup of a new location to accept Duck Bucks payments.

Duck ID Account Claiming Issues

If you are having troubles claiming your Duck ID or encountered an error during the claim process

Duck ID Accounts

Your Duck ID is the first part of your UO email address before the @ sign. You use your Duck ID and associated password to log in to many services at UO, including e-mail, wireless, and Canvas.

Duck ID Password Recovery Help

If you are unable to use the self-recovery options, complete the form on this page for assistance.

DuckDocs - Perceptive

DuckDocs is a document management system that provides an electronic alternative to paper-based process.

DuckDocs (OnBase) Support Request

Use this service to request support for the DuckDocs – OnBase enterprise content management system.

DuckWeb Employee & Faculty Information

DuckWeb is the University of Oregon’s online information system for students, faculty, and staff.

DuckWeb Student Information

DuckWeb is the University of Oregon’s online information system for students, faculty, and staff.



Eatec is a software application for foodservice procurement, inventory, forecasting, and recipe management.

Educational Technology Support - College of Design

The College of Design provides educational technology support for faculty, GEs, and administrators.

Email and Calendar Help

For assistance with Webmail, Exchange, & UOmail email and calendar issues.

Email Lists

Email lists are a simple way to use and manage communications with groups of people via email.

EMS Classroom & Events Scheduling

EMS is an enterprise solution for managing and coordinating space and resource assignments for academic classes and university events.

Enterprise LDAP Directory Service

The LDAP Directory Service provides a centralized repository of authoritative user (or identity) data that can be leveraged by other services and applications.

Exchange Send As Permission Request

This service is for authorized Exchange Administrators to request Send As permission on mailboxes in their delegated OUs.


File Shares & Department Server

Assistance with or access to departmental file shares.

Firewall & Custom VPN Services

A network firewall is used to control the information that flows through network connections.

Four Winds Digital Signage

The digital signage service creates a campus-wide network of digital signage and interactive displays.


Physical Education and Recreation recreation management software.


Housing Audio/Visual Support

University Housing supports audio visual equipment in many residence halls.


I can login, but I don’t know where to ask for help

If you are a current faculty, staff, or student with the University of Oregon and have a technology related question or need technical support.

I need help and I don’t have a UO account

If you are a prospective student, parent, alumni, vendor, etc. and have a technology related question, click here to open a ticket for IT support.

Information Security Consulting

Contact the Information Security Office to report spam, abuse, data exposure along with requesting IP Blocking, DNS Blocking, and other information security consulting services.

Information Services Technology Support

The Information Technology Consultant (ITC) provides technology support for Information Services staff.

Integrated Data & Reporting (IDR) - Cognos

Integrated Data and Reporting (IDR) consists of a data warehouse and a data reporting and analysis tool (Cognos Analytics).

Integration Services

Integration Services provides consultation and implementation services for various software integration requests.

IP Block Request

Request to block a specific IP address in certain parts of the campus network.

IS Account Support Request

This form should be used to submit requests to the Information Services Technology Access and Support staff.

IS Classroom Technology Instructional-use Equipment Checkout Desk

IS Classroom Technology lends equipment and provides services to UO faculty, staff and students for purposes directly related to University of Oregon courses.

IT Consulting

Help with selecting and implementing technology solutions and services.


Jabber Instant Messaging

Jabber, used by the UO to provide instant messaging capabilities, has been replaced with Microsoft Teams.


JIRA is an issue, bug, and project tracking software hosted by Information Services.

Job Scheduling - AppWorx

AppWorx is a job scheduling tool through which users can schedule jobs to run at a specific time and/or order. Appworx is used with Banner to run reports, perform payroll and billing, and do other application-specific jobs.



KeyWatcher is the key management system used by various departments on campus

Kronos and Time Clock Devices

Kronos is the time and attendance application. It provides time clocks, and the ability to clock in and out in a variety of ways, as well as payroll and hours reports.


Lost or Stolen Device Report/Tracking

Reporting and recovery assistance with lost or stolen devices (phones, laptops, and other devices)



Records management system for student conduct and care records.

McAfee Antivirus and ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

McAfee antivirus is software that automatically runs on your computer to protect against viruses, malware, and other threats.

Micros Point of Sale

Micros is the point of sale system utilized by University Housing and Dining Services, Athletics and other campus departments.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more for Macs, Windows PCs, and mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows), as well as online via web browsers for University students and employees.

Microsoft SCCM

Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a system management software that is used for managing large groups of computers and/or servers running Windows operating system.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration service that is part of Microsoft Office 365.

Mobile Wireless Device (MiFi) Rentals

Traveling? Rent a wireless cell router to ensure connectivity while on the road. MiFi is a mobile wireless hotspot that will provide internet or network access for up to 15 WiFi-enabled devices.

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring and alerting enables IT organizations to identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they affect system availability.


MPulse is the CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software to manage work for University Housing Facilites staff


Network & Phone Services for On-Campus Vendors

On-campus vendors, retailers, and other contracted entities can use this form to request new network and/or phone services or changes to existing network and/or phone services.

Network & Phone Services for Short-term Events

Request network and/or phone services for short-term events, such as: athletic events, sports and stadium venue temporary network connections, constructions projects, concerts, or other temporary events.

New Service Catalog Entry

Add a new service catalog entry to the service catalog.


Office/Department Desktops & Devices

This service allows your supported IT department to be notified of any issue relating to operational use of employee devices like computers, laptops or other devices.

Office/Departmental Printing

For assistance with printer or printing issues in your department or campus office, please request assistance using this service.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive provides cloud storage for University students and employees. By default, all users are provisioned 1TB of storage. An administrator can increase storage up to 25TB. Select the "Increase Storage Quota" checkbox to request additional storage.


OrgSync is an online community for campus organizations to share news and events and track organization information.


Personal/Student Desktop and Devices

The Technology Service Desk can assist you with software and hardware diagnostics and fixes and virus removal. They can also help with accessing University services like email, web applications, and the VPN.

Personal/Student Printing

The Technology Service Desk offers very basic troubleshooting services for personal printers.

Phone Bridging with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Phone bridging for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business is a service add-on that enables users to create Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meetings with an automatically-populated phone number, which allows attendees to call into the meeting with a phone rather than joining over the network.

Provision New VLAN for VRealize Automation

This service is for IT staff requesting new networks when using the vRealize Automation (VRA) self-service provisioning platform.


Qualtrics Survey Service

Qualtrics is a flexible and robust online survey service that is designed to balance simplicity and professionalism.


Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat Enterprise Linux® is a frequently used enterprise-grade operating system. Information Services offers free licenses for academic (non-personal) use through Red Hat Network (RHN).

Report a Service Outage

Use this form to report a service outage.

Report Email Phishing

Use this service to report email phishing messages or inquire about the validity of email messages.

Request Knowledge Base Article

This service is for users to request a knowledge base article be written by a subject matter expert. The form will request a subject topic, any information the submitter has regarding the subject, and an optional field for whom the submitter believes is a subject matter expert on the topic.

Role/Department Account

Role/Department accounts provide business continuity for University programs by allowing a single Duck ID account to be used by multiple people with the same function.

RT Work Ticket Service

Request Tracker, or RT, is an issue tracking system used for help desk ticketing.


SAIT - Device Setup

SAIT supported staff can request a new device be setup, an existing device be reassigned or reconfigured or items moved to a new location.

SAIT and Housing New Employee/Account Setup Request

Users supported by SAIT (Division of Student Life IT) or Housing IT should fill out this form to request access for new employees. This form can be used for all new employees, including classified staff, officers of administration, faculty, or student employees.

SAIT Employee Termination and Archiving

Remove access to SAIT-managed resources for departing employees.

SAIT Equipment Checkout

SAIT has a small number of laptops and other devices available for checkout to SAIT-supported UO Employees.

SAIT Equipment Purchasing

Information on desktop, laptop, tablet, printer or other equipment purchasing through SAIT.

SAIT Remote Access (SA-RDS)

For users supported by SAIT, we provide a remote desktop service for secure access to your files and applications while off-campus.

Scantron Scanning Services

Scanning Services performs optical mark scanning of Scantron exam forms.


Secunia provides for an automated software inventory of patching levels for managed workstations.

Single Sign-On (SSO), Shibboleth or Central Authentication Service (CAS)

Shibboleth provides user authentication services for applications and a single sign-on experience for end users.

Site-Licensed Software

Site-licensed software refers to any adopted software program that has proven itself over time and has a large enough following to warrant adoption for the entire campus.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a collaboration service that offers videoconferencing, online meetings, instant messaging, audio calls, presence, whiteboards, polling, screen sharing, and more.

Software Assistance on Department Computers

For assistance with installing, updating or troubleshooting software issues on department-supported / UO-owned computers.

Software Training

There are variety of training options for individual and enterprise software tools used on campus, including web based and in person classes.

SOJC Employee Technology Purchase Request

SOJC IT provides this central purchasing service for all Technology purchases such as: computers (laptops and desktops), tablets, printers, scanners, computing accessories, and multimedia production equipment such as video cameras, tripods, and audio recorders.

SOJC Web Content

Request content updates to update existing SOJC webpages ( Use the UO Blogs resource below to set up new blogs or websites for departments, courses, events, portfolios, or individual projects.

Source Code Management

Create and manage repositories, set up fine-graned permissions, and collaborate on code.

Spam Filtering

Proofpoint evaluates incoming e-mail messages to determine if they are spam (unsolicited e-mail).

Sponsored Duck ID Account Request

Sponsored accounts can be obtained to provide computing services to individuals who are not formally affiliated with the University but are involved in university related activities.

SSC Guide

Student Success Collaborative (SSC) "Guide - College Simplified" is a mobile app that helps students navigate their college career and stay on track by getting important reminders and timely tips.

SSL Certificates

Information Services, via the InCommon Certificate Service, provides unlimited organization validation (OV) SSL/TLS certificates to UO schools, colleges, departments, institutes and programs.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses are commonly used for servers, network appliances, and similar devices.


TDNext/Technician Access

Request or remove technician access to TDNext for working on tickets.

TeamDynamix/ITSM Training Request

Use this Service to request TeamDynamix Technician training.

Telephones & Voicemail

This service provides telephones, voicemail, and local and long distance calling for employees and, upon request, for UO students living in university residence halls.


Software used by the Counseling and Testing Center.

Two-Step Login Support

Two-step login provides a second layer of security to any type of login, requiring extra information or a physical device in addition to the user's password.

Two-Step Login Token Registration

Use this service request to associate your Duo token to your account.

Two-way Radio

Two-way radio service is available for UO business-use by departments including long-term rental and short-term rental for campus events.


UO Blogs

For UO Blogs support please visit the new Web Development & Hosting service catalog page located at

UO Degree Guide

The UO Degree Guide assists students in course planning and degree tracking. Students can view progress toward a declared major, update their degree guide, and more.

UO Directory

The UO Directory allows visitors to the UO website to search for and find contact information for UO faculty, staff, and some students.

UO Portland

If you are a current faculty, staff, or student in the University of Oregon Portland and have a technology related question or need technical support from Portland IT.

UO Service Portal Interested New Groups

As the UO Service Portal prepares to move towards future rollout phases, we'd like to gather information from groups about their interest in using the UO Service Portal for ticket management.

UO Service Portal site help

For assistance with issues related to the service portal, such as technician access, updating group membership, forms, response templates and routing. This service is also for submitting feedback about UO Service Portal.

UO VPN Secure Remote Networking

Connect to UO's network, UOnet, from anywhere in the world as if you are on the University of Oregon campus.

UOCloud Provisionable Storage

Storage services for UO community members

UOCloud Virtual Machines

Host your application or service on servers housed on campus. For efficiency and scalability, Information Services offers virtual machine (VM) hosting services.

Update Service Catalog Entry

If a service catalog entry is out of date or contains incorrect information, submit a request here to get the service catalog entry updated.

User Training

There are variety of training options technology used on campus, including web based and in person classes.


Video Conference Service - College of Design

College of Design Technology Services offers video conferencing between Eugene and Portland via our Tandberg device in rooms that are not covered centrally by the UO Libraries.

For requests to connect to people off campus, we also offer video conferencing via BlueJeans.

Video Conference Services

Video conferencing uses sound and video from each participant in real time with other participants in other physical locations, enabling those participants to have a real-time exchange.

Video Conferencing Service - School of Journalism and Communication

SOJC has a license with Zoom as a web and video conferencing solution with an easy to use platform that offers screen sharing across various systems. There is a maximum capacity of 25 users per session.

Video Production & Streaming

Professional video and audio production studios, educational video conference/distance education studio classroom.


Web Development & Hosting

The web development and hosting service can assist the UO community with creating and administering a dynamic, secure, and recognizable web presence.


WEPA is a cloud-based printing service for students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Wi-Fi Networking

Connect to UOnet and the Internet wirelessly with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Wired Networking

Includes network jack activations and moves; troubleshooting existing wired network connections; installation of new phone/network wiring.