Housing Meeting/Classroom AV Support

For users of classrooms and meeting rooms in Housing buildings to report issues with technology in a Housing IT supported meeting room, or classroom. For requesting new equipment, or changing a room configuration, please use the Housing IT Consultation service.

What Housing IT supports
  • Tier-1 (general troubleshooting) support in USS Classrooms in Housing buildings
  • Full support of Housing Meeting/Classrooms
  • Guaranteed HDMI cable in classrooms
What Housing IT does not
  • Giving out display adapters
  • Tier-2 issues and above in USS Classrooms
  • Changing of a USS Classroom’s equipment


  • Where the issue is building and room
  • The user’s contact info if you’re submitting on someone else’s behalf
  • A time to meet an IT member if needed

Availability and Access

You can expect a response to your request within 2 business days.

This service is for all Housing employees, including student employees.


If you have any additional questions please, refer to the Housing IT Services page.

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