Services for Student Housing

Categories (4)

Access Controls

Housing IT services for Building Access, KeyWatcher, etc.


Services centered around communication requests/issues including Teams calling, Cisco phones, Email & Calendar help, wired networking, and Wi-Fi.

User Accounts

Housing IT services for a user account including on/off-boarding a user, network drive requests/issues, and DuckID password & account help.

Device Support

Housing IT services centered around physical hardware. Laptops, desktops, workstation peripherals, point-of-sales systems, mobile devices, printers, copiers, label makers, time-clocks, and scanners.

Services (3)

Housing Application/Software Support

Request access or report an issue with a application/software that is officially supported by Housing IT.

Housing IT Consultation

For Housing employees with general questions about IT services, inquiries about a new system, device, or other tool in their work environment.

Housing Meeting/Classroom AV Support

For users of Housing spaces to report issues with technology in a supported meeting room, or classroom.