Services for Student Housing

Categories (4)

Access Controls

Housing IT services for Building Access, KeyWatcher, etc.


Services centered around communication requests/issues including Teams calling, Cisco phones, Email & Calendar help, wired networking, and Wi-Fi.

User Accounts

Housing IT services for a user account including on/off-boarding a user, network drive requests/issues, and DuckID password & account help.

Device Support

Housing IT services centered around physical hardware. Laptops, desktops, workstation peripherals, point-of-sales systems, mobile devices, printers, copiers, label makers, time-clocks, and scanners.

Services (4)

Housing Application/Software Support

Request access or report an issue with a application/software that is officially supported by Housing IT.

Housing HR Employee Records Access Request

Housing employees use this service to request temporary access to their HR records.

Housing IT Consultation

For Housing employees with general questions about IT services, inquiries about a new system, device, or other tool in their work environment.

Housing Meeting/Classroom AV Support

For users of Housing spaces to report issues with technology in a supported meeting room, or classroom.