Two-Step Login (Duo) Support

Two-step login — also known as two-factor authentication or two-step verification — provides a second layer of security for any type of login. When you two-step login to a protected service, it combines something you know (your unique Duck ID and password) with something you have (like a smartphone or special hardware token).

UO is using Duo Security for two-step login.

How to Create a Ticket

Please click the Create a Ticket button on this page if you want to:

  • Request help with your Duo account
  • Request a new service integration with Duo
  • Register your YubiKey or HOTP token (uncommon)

Availability and Access

Two-step login with Duo is currently available to all faculty, staff, graduate employees, and student employees

Directions for Token Pickup

If you are requesting a new hardware token, You must request an appointment to visit Eugene campus and pick up your token. Staff are available for appointments Monday - Friday between 1:00 - 3:00pm at College of Design Technical Help Desk, in Lawrence Hall. To find us, enter the Lawrence Hall courtyard from the west side that faces Villard Hall.

Once you enter the courtyard, we are the first door on the right. The doors are locked and we will let you in for your appointment so we can practice physical distancing.


If you have any additional questions view the Contact Technology Help page.

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