Removing lost or broken devices from your Duo account


As soon as you notice that your device is missing or broken, it is important to remove it from your account! This protects your account and all of the data you can access—both about yourself and about anyone else you know at UO.

If you have a secondary device registered (or have mobile passcodes from the Duo Mobile app) you can remove a device yourself.

How to remove a device from your account:

Open a private browser window (this will make the Duo prompt appear, even if you previously used the Remember Me feature)

  1. Visit a Duo-protected service (such as UOmail, Canvas, UO Service Portal, etc)
  2. Log in with your Duck ID and password
  3. Along the bottom of the Duo prompt, select Other options
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the next prompt and select Manage devices
  5. You will be asked to complete verification, which you can do with a phone call or SMS passcodes:
    • Press the button for the method you'd like to use
    • Complete verification with that method
  6. To delete a device, click Edit and then Remove.

You'll be able to confirm that you want to remove this device before deleting it.

  • Once deleted, a verification device can't be restored, but if you still have the device available you can add it again.
  • You can't delete your only identity verification device.

Get Help

If you're not able to log in with Duo at all, you will have to contact the Technology Service Desk for support.  


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