Getting Started with Two-Step Login (Duo)


This page provides instructions for getting started with Duo, UO's two-step login service.

Don't know what Duo does? Let the Duck explain:

How to Enroll in Duo

1) Choose which device(s) to register with Duo and have them available

  • For most people, this will include a smartphone.
  • All supported devices are described in detail in this related article.

2) Opt in to Duo (for new students only)

Faculty, staff, and students in attendance prior to March 2021 can skip ahead to Step 3.

For the current term, UO students must intentionally opt in to add Duo to their Duck ID account. 

  • Visit Duck ID Self-Service (, select Manage Your Duck ID, and log in
  • Click the Opt in to Duo link
  • Read the help text on the page, and then click the Opt in to Duo button
  • Click Return to Manage Account

3) Register your device(s)

For all types of phones and tablets:

  • Visit Duck ID Self-Service (, select Manage Your Duck ID, and log in
  • Click the Manage Two-Step Login Devices link
  • Click the Start setup button to be guided through the process of registering your first device
  • You can then register additional devices by clicking the + Add another device link (recommended)

For hardware tokens:

Want a detailed step-by-step of how to register? We've got you covered!

4) It's that easy — You're enrolled!

When Duo goes into effect for your account, you'll start seeing prompts to confirm your identity with your device when accessing protected services.

5) Register a backup device (optional)

  • We recommend registering at least two devices so that you have a backup method in case your main device is unavailable.
  • The registration instructions are the same as above, with one exception: After your first device has been registered, you'll be required to complete the Duo prompt to change your Duo settings in Duck ID Self-Service (
  • Don't have a second device? If you're using the Duo Mobile app, it has a built in backup! You can write down passcodes and use them later, even if your device doesn't have service or isn't available.

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