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Training resources on Duo Universal Prompt.
This page provides instructions for getting started with Duo, UO's two-step login service.
Answers to frequently asked questions about Duo Universal Prompt, the new interface for Duo two-step login.
Learn how Duo's Remember me for seven days option will work with the Duo Universal Prompt.
Learn how to use Verified Duo Push, the new Duo push verification method at the UO.
Instructions for reconnecting Duo with your cell phone for troubleshooting reasons or after getting a new one.
Information about what a hardware token is, where to get one, and how to use them.
An article about finding support for UO's two-step login service.
No data connection? No problem!
Learn more about identity theft: what it is and how to avoid, detect, and handle it.
Troubleshooting advice for using an international phone number in Duo