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This article explains how to get passcodes via text message (SMS) to use for Duo authentication.
This page provides instructions for getting started with Duo, UO's two-step login service.
This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about two-step login (Duo).
How to register, update, and remove smart devices and landlines from your two-step login account
This article contains a list of UO services that are protected by two-step login (Duo).
Instructions for reconnecting Duo with your cell phone after replacing it.
The Duo Mobile application on your cellphone can be used to generate a list of Two-Step Login passcodes.
Information about the Duo Mobile smartphone app.
Watch videos about Duo; topics include general information, a demo, and a registration walkthrough
Instructions for setting up a HOTP for Two-Step Login.
A guide to all the ways to complete a two-step login
Temporary bypass codes allow you to two-step login without your registered device(s)
Instructions for setting up a YubiKey for Two-Step Login with Yubico OTP.
This article explains how to use Duo as a second-factor when authenticating into Shibboleth services.
Instructions for two-step login with the Duck ID Admin Console (Trident)