Using Duo without Wi-Fi or cell service


Both the Duo Mobile app and hardware tokens are able to generate passcodes, regardless of your connection status.  


Whether you have your mobile device in airplane mode, or you are out of range of Wi-Fi or cell service, you can still use either of the methods below to login with Duo.

Using the Duo Mobile app without service

Most people use Push notifications with the app, but Duo Mobile app can alternatively be used generate passcodes you can use to login!

You can find instructions in this related article.

Note: Push notifications still require a Wi-Fi or cell service connection to work.

Using a hardware token without service

Simply press the token's button, and it will generate a passcode. The type of tokens UO provides do not need service to operate.

You can find more information about hardware tokens in this related article.

How to get help

If you are without service but don't have either the Duo Mobile app or a hardware token available, you can request an emergency temporary bypass code.

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