Passcodes with the Duo Mobile app


This article explains how to generate two-step login passcodes using the Duo Mobile app by Duo Security, how to use them, and store them for future use.

Passcodes can provide a backup in case your other registered device(s) are unavailable.



Install the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone.

How to Generate Passcodes

Follow these instructions to generate passcodes:

Duo prompt with passcode displayed

  1. Open the Duo Mobile app on your cell phone.
  2. Tap on the University of Oregon entry.
  3. Use the passcode during login, or if you'd like to save it for later use, write it down instead.
  4. To generate multiple passcodes, click on the Refresh Passcode button below the displayed passcode, and a new six-digit passcode will appear each time; repeat to generate as many additional passcodes as required.
Note: When generating more than one passcode, be sure to write them down in the order they are created.

How to Use Duo Mobile passcodes for Two-Step Login

Please Note:If you have used another method to verify, you may need to select the Other options link first to change to using a passcode.
  1. Click the appropriate passcode option button on the two-step login prompt depending on your device
    1. For the Duo Mobile app, select the Duo Mobile passcode option
  2. Type in the passcode digits
  3. Click Log In

How to securely store passcodes

  • Keep passcodes somewhere safe from prying eyes, like in your wallet, or in an encrypted password safe application.
  • Avoid storing your Duck ID password or details about how to use these passcodes near where you keep the passcodes themselves.

Passcode tips

  • Passcodes can serve as a backup in case your other registered devices become unavailable.
  • Each passcode can only be used one time.
  • Use your passcodes in the order they were generated.
    • If you use a passcode out of order, any preceding ones will be invalidated.
  • Passcodes can be generated without cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. 
  • The passcodes do not have an expiration date. However, when you use a passcode, all passcodes you generated before that one become invalid for future use.


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