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Endpoint Security

Articles on security software for your computer.


For articles and training information about cybersecurity.


Articles pertaining to recommended guidelines for security across devices and operating systems.

Data Handling

Articles pertaining to the proper handling of university data.

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Adding a Custom Attribute to an IP address in Netdot

This document guides you through the process of using custom attributes to tag IP addresses and IP address block with identifying tags than can be used for specific processing by the Information Security Office (ISO)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This article is an introduction of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation for individuals in the states interested in compliance laws and data rights. Additional links are available for students or staff curious about the University of Oregon's data classifications and standards.

KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability affecting wireless devices

Background: On October 16, 2017, security researchers disclosed a flaw in the WPA2 protocol used to secure wireless communications. Impact: Any product that communicates over Wi-Fi and uses WPA or WPA2 to encrypt that traffic is vulnerable. This includes nearly all mobile devices, computers, connected home devices, and wireless access points and routers. Communications between vulnerable devices could be decrypted and hijacked.

SSL Certificates

Info on SSL certificates.