Articles pertaining to recommended guidelines for security across devices and operating systems.

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Travel Guidelines

Articles pertaining to guidelines to take before, during, and after traveling.

Operating System Guidelines

Articles pertaining to security guidelines for operating systems regardless of device.

Personal technology guidelines

Articles for personal technology guidelines

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Adding a Custom Attribute to an IP address in Netdot

This document guides you through the process of using custom attributes to tag IP addresses and IP address block with identifying tags than can be used for specific processing by the Information Security Office (ISO)

Doxing and protection

What is doxing, how do we avoid it, and respond if it should happen.

Guidelines for compliance with UO Endpoint Management Standard

Learn more about the compliance guidelines to meet the UO Endpoint Management Standard.

Identity Theft

Learn more about identity theft: what it is and how to avoid, detect, and handle it.

Remote Work Guidelines For Information Services Staff

This article covers the guidelines for working remotely within the Information Services (IS) unit.

SSL Certificates

Info on SSL certificates.

Tips for being a data privacy snob

Some tips for how to value your data — such as your location, contacts, and photos — as much as the people and companies who buy it.

Tips to help determine if a suspicious email is malicious

The UO community is often the target of unwanted email messaging campaigns requesting that the user visit a website and enter their credentials in order to address an urgent issue with their accounts, banking records, student information, and employee records. This knowledge base article will provide you with ten (10) basic tips that everyone can follow to help discern whether an email message is face.

Ways to test your server for SSL vulnerabilities

Self-testing for SSL vulnerabilities can be performed via several methods. Each of these methods gives visibility into slightly different facets of the SSL configuration and posture of the server.

What to Do if Your Account is Compromised

This article contains information on preventing an account compromise as well as how to regain access once an account is compromised.