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Learn how to print from your own personal Windows/Apple/Android devices to printers managed by PaperCut in computer labs.
This page will provide instructions for installing virtual printer queues on personal iOS devices to print to printers managed by PaperCut.
Learn how to use the scan-to-email functionality on PaperCut-managed multi-function devices (MFDs)
How to copy documents on managed multi-function devices
Learn how to use departmental accounting to print a job and have it invoiced to a specific account configured in PaperCut.
How to release print jobs using LCB student printing credits.
Learn how to release a print job on a UO PaperCut-managed printer from the UO PaperCut Portal.
Learn how to access your PaperCut account.
Learn how to use a prepaid Duck Bucks card to pay for print jobs in computer labs.
Learn how to print at the Knight Law Library.
How to print in the Price Science Commons Library.
Learn how to print in the Knight Library from a lab computer.
Frequently asked questions about PaperCut.
Learn how to install virtual printer queues on personal Windows devices to print to printers managed by PaperCut.
How do I identify the 98 number on a Duck Bucks card?