Printing in Computer Labs with LCB Student Printing Credits


The following document will provide instruction about how students within the Lundquist College of Business (LCB) can choose to print with either their printing credits or their personal Duck Bucks account from a lab computer​​​​​​


LCB provides students $10.00 in printing credit at the start of every term.

Students may want to print across campus and not use the LCB printing credits, but rather their personal Duck Bucks account that is associated with their physical UO ID card. 

  1. Click either the FindMeBW or FindMeColor printer queue
  2. PaperCut will prompt you to choose an account to use:
    1. Charge to my personal account:
  3. Click Print
  4. Go to printer and swipe your UO ID card
  5. Pick up your document 

Need Help?

Please visit the USS-Academic Central Service Desk if you need any assistance getting your print job to release properly.


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