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For articles pertaining to the use and administration of the PaperCut print queue application.

Virtual Printer Queues

Articles pertaining to the installation of virtual printer queues

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Getting Started with Computer Lab Printing

Learn more about printing within UO computer labs.

Printing from Your Own Devices in Computer Labs

Learn how to print from your own personal Windows/Apple/Android devices to printers managed by PaperCut in computer labs.

Printing in Knight Library

Learn how to print in the Knight Library from a lab computer.

Printing in PSC Library

How to print in the Price Science Commons Library.

Printing in the Design Computer Lab (Lawrence 283)

Learn how to print in the Design Computer Lab (DCL) near the Output Room (Lawrence 283) with PaperCut.

Printing in the EMU Computer Lab

Learn how to print in the EMU Computer Lab.

Printing in the Knight Law Library

Learn how to print at the Knight Law Library.

Printing with a Duck Bucks Card

Learn how to use a prepaid Duck Bucks card to pay for print jobs in computer labs.

Public Printing in UO Computer Labs/Libraries

Learn how guests of the UO and members of the public may print to UO Libraries with Duck Bucks from a public Internet kiosk and their own personal devices.