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This document explains the steps in getting a static IP address on Android devices.
Basic instructions for using the UO's Webmail interface to read and send emails.
Accessing your email using a web browser.
Steps on changing the dimensions of an image in macOS.
Instructions for how to revert to an older version of Java.
You have two usernames at UO: your Duck ID (beginning of your UO email address) and your UO ID (95#).
Find out which email system you're using, how to access it online, and which email programs are supported.
This page provides instructions for getting started with Duo, UO's two-step login service.
To share files between any two machines they will need to be on the same network. The easiest way of doing this is connecting both machines to a common hub, switch, or router. A crossover cable can suffice as well, but it isn't typically recommended as it has many limitations. Once the machines are connected under the same network, you can use either the Mac or the PC as the host.
Steps to sign yourself out of all sites and devices connected to your Office 365 account
The User Support Services (USS) - Technology Service Desk (Tech Desk, TSD) is committed to supporting University-affiliated students, faculty, and staff with their computing needs.
Help with resetting your Duck ID password.
Install Cisco AnyConnect by going to the AnyConnect website and logging in with your Duck ID and password.
How to claim your Duck ID for new students.
For additional assistance, contact your local IT department or the Technology Service Desk.
Network connectivity problems can be the result of a variety of issues. This article goes through potential issues that could cause connectivity problems, including DHCP settings, proxy settings, and device drivers.
Step-by-step instructions for setting up your email in iOS Mail for iPhone & other Apple mobile devices.
You can set up a static IP on your iPhone/iPad by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > clicking on the "i" next to your network > Static.
Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing tool for audio- and videoconferencing, chat, webinars, hosting large meetings, and more. Learn how to join a Zoom meeting, adjust your audio and video settings, use meeting controls, and share your screen
Step by step guide on installing Office via Office 365 on Mac, PC and mobile devices.
The articles below explain how to download, install, and set up Microsoft Teams on different operating systems
Learn how to get started with your UOmail email and calendar.
Webmail users can opt in to UOmail. This page provides instructions for opting in and for moving your Webmail messages afterwards.
Instructions for students on forwarding email to an external address.
Learn how to connect to UO Secure and stay connected.