Printing with a Duck Bucks Card


There could be an instance where an existing member of the UO community wants to print using a prepaid Duck Bucks card instead of a UO ID card.

The following instructions will help PaperCut Admins configure the user's primary field settings in the Papercut Web Admin Portal. This work will allow users to print with a prepaid Duck Bucks card when it is complete. 

Things to Consider Before Doing This Work

  • A department can purchase a Duck Bucks card so departmental staff can print on behalf of their department
  • A student can purchase a Duck Bucks card to print with (instead of using their physical UO ID card)
  • You must be on a UO network to access the PaperCut Web Admin Portal.
  • Your account that you are logging into the PaperCut Admin Portal must have permissions to access the Users section of Papercut Web Admin Portal. 
  • You can find ways to identify the Duck Bucks 98 number (the account that has the balance associate with it) by clicking How to Identify A Duck Bucks Card Number to Enter in The PaperCut Admin Portal.
  • Duck Bucks numbers (like UO ID numbers (95#)) are original and can only be assigned to one user. 
  • If you replace a faculty/staff or student users' primary number in PaperCut with a prepaid Duck Bucks Card, you are removing that user's ability to print with their physical UO ID card (that was issued upon enrollment or hiring). This user will now only be able to print with the Duck Bucks card that has the same 98 number that you just entered in this user's Primary Field.


  1. Navigate to UO PaperCut Admin site
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen choose Users
  3. Type the Duck ID that you are trying to edit in the search box
    1. The field may automatically populate as you type the Duck ID. Verify that you have the correct Duck ID, then click on the green circle.
  4. In the user's profile, scroll down the Other Details section.
  5. Add the Duck Bucks card number into the Primary field under the Card/Identity Numbers Section.
    1. If you get an error message stating "This Identity Number is taken. Please choose another.", please visit the Error Trying to Add Duck Bucks Card Number to A User in The PaperCut Admin site.
  6. These changes take place immediately. The user should now be able to print using the prepaid Duck Bucks. 


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