Printing from Your Own Devices in Computer Labs


Learn how to print from your own personal Windows/Apple/Android devices to printers managed by PaperCut in computer labs.


Follow the steps below to install printer queues that will allow you to print to printers in computer labs.

This page will provide users with instructions about adding the FindMe virtual printer queues to your personal devices.

  1. You must be on a UO network for the following to work
    1. Connect to UO Secure
  2. Users will navigate to the Duckprints Installer Page, click Download
    1. This website will determine your operating system
      1. If no OS is detected, move to step 3, otherwise proceed to step 4
  3. Based on your operating system, choose a process below:
    1. Android
    2. iOS Devices
    3. Mac OS
    4. Windows
  4. When you go to print your job you will now see two new printer options
    1. FindMeBw Virtual Queue (Mobility) 
    2. FindMeColor Virtual Queue (Mobility)
  5. Find your desired printer
    1. Swipe your UO ID card, if asked to access device, click Access Device.
    2. Click the name of your Document. Your print job will print and you will be logged out of printer


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