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This article covers setup and use of the FortiClient app used to connect to this VPN when using iOS devices.
Step-by-step instructions for setting up your email in macOS Mail for Apple desktops & MacBooks. (Mac/Macintosh)
This article explains how to record audio or video within ANVILL by using it's built-in recorder.
This article tells you how to import old activities from standalone ANVILL to ANVILL-in-Canvas.
This page tells instructors how to actually create or edit a Voiceboard post in ANVILL in Canvas.
This page explains what an ANVILL Voiceboard activity or post is.
When to use phone bridging with Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business and when to use the AT&T phone conferencing service
The University of Oregon offers students, faculty, and staff a variety of supported services for academic blogging, web publishing, and online collaboration. The purpose of these services is to foster creation and transfer of knowledge throughout the community of scholars, and advance the university’s mission of academic inquiry, learning, and service.
No data connection? No problem!
Users may SSH into or access files using an SFTP client with
This article explains how to initiate a chat, voice call or video call for Skype for Business on an iOS device.
How to install and use the UO Administrator Access VPN software (FortiClient) on a Windows device.
How to install and use the UO Administrator Access VPN software (FortiClient) on an Android device.
This article contains information on preventing an account compromise as well as how to regain access once an account is compromised.
SMART Boards combine the features of a white board with a computer. You can annotate your presentations on the fly with digital ink and save those notes for later or use the digital ink to increase class interaction. Those are only a few of the possible uses of SMART Boards.
This article explains how to download, install and set up Skype for Business on macOS.
Step-by-step guide to clearing your browser's cache and cookies.
When you set up a blog you have the ability to assign and control what other users can do in the blog depending on the tasks you want each user to be responsible for. This page details how to change those roles.
The web server system provides a limited set of advanced capabilities for web development, including use of CGI programs for forms processing and dynamic page generation. Pages is one of several ways to host websites. See the Websites Service Catalog category for a list of options.
Instructions for two-step login with Admin VPN (FortiClient)
Step-by-step instructions for setting up your email in Outlook 2011 for macOS.
Setup your email to send an auto-reply.
How to connect to the eduroam on your iOS device.
The Submission Form Creator Plugin allows you to insert contact forms into your blog posts or pages.
Instructions on how to connect to the UO's wireless network for guests visiting the University of Oregon.