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Starting on May 5, 2020, Webmail users can opt in to UOmail. This page provides information to help you decide whether to opt in to UOmail, and instructions for opting in and moving your Webmail messages afterwards.
Learn how to use the online migration tool to export your stored email messages from Webmail to UOmail.
This article describes how Service Providers can integrate their solutions with the Shibboleth Identity Management Solution and offer single sign-on to users.
Provides information on how to use Microsoft's Software Center to install applications, updates and Operating System Upgrades.
Provides information about using Jamf Self Service to allow users to install applications, software updates, and upgrade macOS.
For additional assistance, contact your local IT department or Tech Desk.
USS provides purchasing services to UO departments, programs, and institutes for the purpose of procuring computer and other IT equipment for use by their faculty, staff, & students.
Step-by-step instructions for setting up your email in iOS Mail for iPhone & other Apple mobile devices.
For authorized Cognos departmental folder delegates. The following guide walks through the process of creating sub-folders and granting permissions.
How to connect to the College of Design Share on
This article contains information on preventing an account compromise as well as how to regain access once an account is compromised.
Information on requesting or updating a role or department account.
How to install the VPN software on Chromebook or other Chrome OS device.
This is a BeyondTrust FAQ targeted at end users who are receiving support from a BeyondTrust Representative.
This is a BeyondTrust FAQ targeted at support representatives who utilize BeyondTrust to help support their users.
If your login information is correct, your Windows device is updated, and if you've tried most basic known troubleshooting methods to attempt to connect to UO Secure but it still won't connect, then this article will teach you how to fix the issue in most cases.
Information about Amazon Connect especially highlighting changes from our older Avaya system
Step by step guide to backing up Microsoft Edge bookmarks.
Blocking individual email addresses or domains from sending you mail.
Info on the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
Mailman's general options allow you to specify most of the ways that your mail list will interact with the web server and how it will present itself to the users.
Do I get to keep my email account after I leave or graduate from the university?
This article contains eLearning links for Office 365 - Sway. The links will take to you to the University of Oregon’s eLearning site Skillport, managed by Human Resources. If you are prompted for a username and password, please use your DuckID and Password to login.

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