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Information about UO's virtual computer labs, including how to access them and what software is available.
Instructions on how to request Adobe Creative Cloud services for self-service option.
Schedule for UO departmental transitions to Teams calling in 2022.
Learn how to connect to UO Secure and stay connected.
Information about computer labs on UO campuses, including locations, hours, and COVID-19 protocols.
Learn how to schedule sending an email at a future time.
University of Oregon units may want to maintain their own IDR Cognos Departmental Folders in which to keep reports they have developed for internal use. In addition, within the departmental folder, they may want to create additional folders to organize and manage access to the reports.
This article describes how to create a group in UOmail.
Information about Amazon Connect especially highlighting changes from our older Avaya system.
The User Support Services (USS) - Technology Service Desk (Tech Desk, TSD) is committed to supporting University-affiliated students, faculty, and staff with their computing needs.
This article details how to set up and manage your university email on the Outlook application for Android.
Information about unsolicited and undesirable telephone spam and spoofing. Spoofing means that the caller has falsified their caller ID. Be wary of all unsolicited contact. Do not divulge sensitive or personal information for any unsolicited contact.
Instructions on how to install the AppWorx client on both Mac and PC.
Training for the use of IDR Cognos is available remotely via MS Teams or Zoom meetings. Simply open an IDR service ticket to start the process.
This KB article will provide the IDR Cognos User Training document that is used in the training provided by the IDR Team.
This KB article will provide the IDR Cognos Report Writer Training document that is used in the training provided by the IDR Team.
Learn some quick troubleshooting tips for call quality problems in Microsoft Teams. In addition, learn about the Call Health panel in Teams, which shows real-time data about the audio, video, and network capabilities during meetings and calls — data that can help IT staff diagnose problems.
Provides information on how to use Microsoft's Software Center to install applications, updates and Operating System Upgrades.
Provides information about using Jamf Self Service to allow users to install applications, software updates, and upgrade macOS.
This article details some error messages from Office 365 and how to fix them.
This page explains how to set up your Chrome OS device to use the UO Secure wireless network.
Installation and authorization guide for ArcGIS Desktop and Pro
General FAQs and resources for Qualtrics.