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Connecting Plantronics Savi series headsets
Installation Instructions CS540 Wireless Headsets for IP Phones
Instructions to install CS540 Wireless Headset for 2420 Digital Phone
Instructions for installing CS520 Wireless Headset for IP Phones
Instructions on how to connect CS520 Wireless Headset to 2420 Digital Phone
Information about telecommunications billing rates for UO departments, students, and non-UO groups.
The following article discusses how to add and use PhishAlarm on Outlook 365.
The style guide for knowledge base articles within the UO Service Portal along with links to supplemental style resources used at the university.
How to report phishing attempts to our Information Security Office.
Information about unsolicited and undesirable telephone spam and spoofing. Spoofing means that the caller has falsified their caller ID. Be wary of all unsolicited contact. Do not divulge sensitive or personal information for any unsolicited contact.
The University community is often the target of unwanted email messaging campaigns requesting that the user visit a web site and enter their credentials in order to address an urgent issue with their accounts, banking records, student information, employee records. This knowledge-base article will provide you with ten (10) basic tips that everyone can follow to help discern whether an email message is face.
Learn how to get started with your UOmail email and calendar.
Steps on changing the dimensions of an image in macOS.
This document explains the steps in getting a static IP address on android devices.
Webmail users can opt in to UOmail. This page provides instructions for opting in and for moving your Webmail messages afterwards.
Guest policy for UO blogs.
Links to information on how to manage comments on your blog.
Information of how to protect your information from hackers and identity thieves.
Security recommendations for users of financial, student, and employee data as provided by the Information Services Security Group.
An explanation of Mailman's List Administration information.
How to create a mailing list in Mailman.
The Membership Management page is where administrators may change access and format options for individual subscribers.
Step-by-step instructions for setting up your email in Thunderbird.
Info on the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.