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Information about Amazon Connect especially highlighting changes from our older Avaya system
This article is designed to guide instructors to support documentation for various software services that can be used for remote instruction and collaboration.
This is a quick reference table that shows the data sensitivity levels allowed in UO Collaboration tools.
This page provides instructions for getting started with Duo, UO's two-step login service.
Troubleshooting advice for using the Remember Me feature
Information about telecommunications billing rates for UO departments, students, and non-UO groups.
Additional users can be added to a blog. You might want to add a user if your blog is private and only visible to registered subscribers, yet you also would like to have others contribute content.

Adding additional users to your blog or site is great for collaboration purposes.
This program is intended to subsidize regular, four-year replacement of primary desktop/laptop computers in the College of Arts and Sciences
Microsoft Teams and Zoom both offer videoconferencing and other features to help facilitate remote teaching, learning, work, and communication. This article provides feature comparison tables to help you choose a suitable tool for a given purpose.
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams.
Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing tool for audio- and videoconferencing, chat, webinars, hosting large meetings, and more. Learn how to join a Zoom meeting, adjust your audio and video settings, use meeting controls, and share your screen
Common questions and answers surrounding UO's Dropbox offering. Who does and doesn't have access. What that access means. etc.
Get started using UO's Dropbox service.
Information about Dropbox quotas and file size limits when uploading files.
What happens if I don't enroll in Duo by the deadline?
Security best practices and guidelines for personally owned computers running the Windows operating system.
This article provides guidance on securing personal IoT devices
During a new installation of the CrashPlan desktop client application, when the application tries to connect to the server, users either receive the message "Unable to sign in. Can't connect to server." or the application appears to freeze when trying to connect. This article provides the solution to this issue.
Agent (staff) guide to use AWS Connect contact-center software
This article is designed to act as an overview of Microsoft Teams Live Events, showcasing how to access it along with some of the key features of the service.
Directions to enable the virtual computer lab's built-in file transfer controls.
How to access Dropbox files offline when not connected to Wi-Fi or data.