Adding a Custom Attribute to an IP address in Netdot


This article is designed to guide IT Staff through the process of adding a custom attribute to an IP address within the Netdot database.

This requires that the user has:

  1. User access to Netdot
  2. IP address block assigned to the user

Note: If you do not have access to Netdot or do not have IP Blocks assigned to your Netdot Account, submit a ticket with Enterprise Systems.

Note: The words 'tag' and 'Custom Attribute' mean the same thing, for the purposes of this article, and are used interchangeably.


This is a Process flow diagram that shows the steps in the webpage below.

  1. Log Into Netdot
  2. Access the DNS Record
  3. Access the IP Record
  4. Append the Custom Attribute





1. Log in to Netdot with your credentials

2. Access the DNS Record Page in Netdot


Enter the IP address of the device  you wish to tag and press <ENTER>.
This image shows where an IP address is entered to look up a DNS record in Netdot
This is what the DNS Record page looks like:
This image shows a DNS Record in Netdot

3. Access the IP Address Record in Netdot

Click the IP Address (, in this case) under the Address element on the webpage and you will be taken to the IP Address Record page, it looks like this:
This is an IP Address Record in Netdot

4. Append the Custom Attribute to the IP Address Record

From the page displaying the IP Address Record, in the Custom Attributes element, Click [add] on the right hand side of the page, to get to the IP Block Attribute page.
This is the IP Block Attribute Page in NetDot
Select the appropriate Attribute ID from the drop down menu, 'Name' (e.g.  PCI-DSS).Click 
              This is the dropdown menu, 'Name', used to select the Attribute you'd like to tag

Type a value of Yes, and click on Insert.This is the IP Block Screen, enter the type 'Yes' in the Value field
And you are now done. The display should look like this:
Once the tag has been appended, you access the IPBlockAttr page to verify the tag you selected has been applied.


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