Accounts and Access

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Duck ID

Your Duck ID is your primary account for technology access on campus. You will use your Duck ID login for email, Canvas, Wi-Fi, and many other services.


Articles on how to update and change directory entries.

Identity Management

Articles on Identity Management.

Two-Step Login (Duo)

Articles about the two-step login service, also known as Duo or two-factor authentication.

Articles (6)

Guest Access to UO Technology

This article is a guide to guest or visitor access to University of Oregon technology resources.

How to Approve an Access Request

Information on how to approve a Business Application Access Request.

How to reset your PAC

Instructions on getting help with your PAC

How to take an Identity Selfie

Instructions for taking a selfie to confirm your identity

Services After You Graduate

After graduation, students can still access UO technology services for a limited time. This page provides information about what is available to them and for how long.

UO Accounts: Duck ID and UO ID Number

You have two usernames at UO: your Duck ID (beginning of your UO email address) and your UO ID (95#).