Your DuckID is your primary account for technology access on campus. You will use your DuckID login for email, Canvas, Wi-fi, and many other services.

Articles (10)

Pinned Article Change or Reset Your DuckID Password

Help with resetting your DuckID password.

Can I change my DuckID?

This article describes eligibility for and risks of changing your DuckID username.

How to Add Alternate Password Recovery Information

Steps for adding alternate password recovery methods for your Duck ID account.

New Employees: How to Claim Your DuckID Account

How to claim your DuckID for new employees.

New Students: How to Claim Your DuckID Account

How to claim your DuckID for new students.

Reserving a DuckID for a New Employee

Departmental HR representatives can reserve a DuckID username for their new employees.

Role/Department Accounts

Information on requesting or updating a role or department account.

Shibboleth Integration for Service Providers

This article describes how Service Providers can integrate their solutions with the Shibboleth Identity Management Solution and offer single sign-on to users.

Sponsored DuckID Accounts

Individuals not formally affiliated with the UO can be provided with access to UO resources in certain circumstances. This article describes in detail our Sponsored Account Policy.

What is Shibboleth Single Sign-on (SSO)?

This article explains how UOs Single Sign-on works and how to get help if you are having trouble.