How to take an Identity Selfie


You may be asked to submit an Identity Selfie to University of Oregon staff when remotely requesting certain types of help with your account.


An Identity Selfie is a way to verify your identity when you are not able show ID in person at the Technology Service Desk.

The image will establish who you are, when the image was taken, and why the image was taken.

To take an Identity Selfie, you must take one image that contains all of the following:

  1. Your face
  2. Your photo ID
    • Your name on the ID must be legible in the image
    • Accepted photo ID includes: UO ID cards, driver's licenses, passports, and other state-issued IDs
  3. A piece of paper showing all of the following
    • Your UO ID number (95#) (available on the back of your UO ID card; can also be obtained from an employing department or the Office of the Registrar)
    • The date and time you took the image
    • Why the photo was taken ("Duck ID password", or, "Duo bypass code")

An example of an Identity Selfie:

A visual aid showing a woman's face with two things next to it: her UO photo ID card, and a piece of paper that says, "950000000, 3/24/20 3:31pm, Duck ID password"

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