About the Duo Mobile app


The Duo Mobile app by Duo Security can be installed on most smartphone and tablet devices to use as part of two-step login.

Where do I get the app?

The links below will take you directly to the app in each respective app store:


Duo Push

  • Receive secure notifications directly to your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch as part of two-step login.
  • Quickly verify your identity by tapping Approve on the notification.
  • If you get a notification you don't recognize, Deny to prevent someone else from logging in with your account.
  • This feature is the way a majority of users choose to regularly interact with the Duo Mobile app.

Other Features

Duo Mobile Passcodes

  • Generate mobile passcodes within the app.
  • Mobile passcodes can be used to log in right away, or, you can write them down and use them at a later time -- like an emergency backup!

Duo Restore

  • Backup and restore your Duo Mobile app configuration for easy transitions to new devices.

Security Checkup

  • It provides a security score for your device.


  • Duo does not sell any information (including your phone number) to third parties.
  • Installing the Duo Mobile app on a personal device does NOT:
    • Make the device "discoverable" via public records law.
    • Allow UO system administrators to wipe your device.
  • The Duo Mobile app cannot see your phone's user data like:
    • your contacts
    • photos
    • text messages
    • other applications you have installed
    • your device's location
    • and other files
  • In general, the only personal data that Duo Mobile knows about you are the accounts that you intentionally add to Duo Mobile.

The app does report device state data, which is accessible by the University of Oregon's Duo team. This data is used to assess the aggregated security score of the university's user base. Starting with Duo Mobile v3.24, users can opt out of this feature.

For complete privacy information, see Duo Mobile Privacy Information.

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