Having trouble with Duo? Find self-help in this category. Examples: Push isn't working; I got a new phone; I'm locked out.

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Pinned Article Getting help with Duo

An article about finding support for UO's two-step login service.

Fixing Duo Push notifications

Find out how to repair Push notifications not arriving

Reactivating Duo Mobile

Instructions for reconnecting Duo with your cell phone for troubleshooting reasons or after getting a new one.

Removing lost or broken devices from your Duo account

Instructions for removing a broken or lost smartphone or other device from your Duo account.

Troubleshooting registration of international numbers with Duo

Troubleshooting advice for using an international phone number in Duo

Troubleshooting the Remember Me feature

Troubleshooting advice for using the Remember Me feature

Using Duo without Wi-Fi or cell service

No data connection? No problem!