Fixing Duo Push notifications


Are you not receiving Duo Push notifications?

Read on for some actions you can take to get them working again.

Troubleshooting Steps

I occasionally don't receive a Push or two in a row

  • Check inside the Duo Mobile app. If you are expecting a Push but it doesn't arrive, try opening your Duo app. Once opened, the app should prompt you with an Approve/Deny option, or you can find it after tapping a bar at the top that says (1) Login request waiting.
  • Make sure that Do Not Disturb mode is off. Many smart phones have a Do Not Disturb mode or a Focus mode that suppresses notifications, which will prevent the notification about the push appearing. Check inside the app to see if the push is there, and then make sure that setting is Off or adjust your settings for the mode to allow the Duo push notification to go through (if available). 
  • All phones may very occasionally experience difficulty sending notifications for a variety of reasons. This can get in the way of Pushes at a specific moment in time.

I used to receive Pushes, but now they've completely stopped working

  • Restart your phone. This can resolve some issues going on in the background of your device that are preventing Push notifications from popping up.
  • Reactivate Duo Mobile. You can find instructions on how to Reactivate Duo Mobile in the Reactivating Duo Mobile article. The Duo app may have become out of sync with your Duck ID account. This can often happen if you got a new phone. 

I've never received a Push notification

  • Verify Duo has been granted notification permissions. Check app permissions on your phone to ensure Duo Mobile has been granted permission to send you notifications.
  • Reactivate Duo Mobile. You can find instructions on how to Reactivate Duo Mobile in the Restoring Duo article. The Duo app may not have synced correctly with your Duck ID account.

Getting Help

Still not receiving Pushes after these steps? Contact the Technology Service Desk to get Duo support.


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