How to get a Duo temporary bypass code


In the event that your registered device(s) are unavailable or not working, you can be issued a temporary bypass code that will allow you continue to login with Duo.

How do I get a temporary bypass code?

The Technology Service Desk has shifted to remote support only due to safety precautions for COVID-19.

To get a temporary bypass code, you must submit this form. The form does not require you to login. You will be contacted via email during support hours.

When campus re-opens, you will also be able to visit the Technology Service Desk in person with photo ID for assistance. 

Preventative Planning

To avoid finding yourself unable to login and needing a bypass code, doing one or both of the following are strongly recommended:
  • Register more than one device with Duo.
    • Having a backup registered-- like your work or home landline phone-- means you'll always have a way to login.
  • No backup device available? Or want an extra-extra backup?




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