Duo Best Practices


Follow these tips to have the best experience with UO's two-step login service, Duo.

Best Practices

Consider using Duo Push or passcodes as your primary login method.

  • Push notifications from the Duo Mobile app offer the fastest and easiest way to log in.
  • Two types of Duo passcodes don't require any data connection to work: mobile passcodes from the app, and passcodes generated by hardware tokens. They're great if you're often in areas with limited cell or WiFi coverage, or if you travel a lot.

Be prepared for the unexpected!

  • Using the Duo Mobile app? We highly recommend taking advantage of these two features:
    • You have a built-in backup way to log in! You can save a few passcodes out of the app and store them securely for log in emergencies, like if you lose your phone or forget to charge it.
    • Enable Duo Restore to have an easier time reconnecting with Duo if you replace your phone or restore it from a backup.
  • Not using the Duo app, but you'd still like to have a backup? Awesome. Thanks for planning ahead! Consider registering other devices you have regular access to — like a tablet that can run apps, or a landline phone number — or pick up a free hardware token.
  • Lose one of your registered devices? Consider temporarily removing it from your account to make sure nobody is logging in as you with that phone they found.

Know how to find help.

If you find yourself without a way to log in with Duo, you can get a temporary bypass code from Information Services until your device(s) are available again.