Duo Best Practices


Recommendations for two-step login users.

Primary Authentication Method 

Information Services strongly recommends using either Duo Push or a hardware token as your primary authentication method.

Additional Best Practices

  • Install the Duo Mobile app on all of your smart devices that are registered with two-step login. In addition to allowing you to use Duo Push, the app allows you to generate mobile passcodes that can be used even when your device does not have cellular or WiFi service.
  • Register at least one other device or authentication method as a backup, in case your default device is lost, broken, or otherwise unavailable. Finding yourself with your default method unavailable and no backup method registered means you will have to request help from the Technology Service Desk.
  • Lost or stolen devices that are registered with two-step login must be reported to the Technology Service Desk immediately to prevent unauthorized access to protected resources.
  • Enable Duo Restore on your mobile device to ensure easy recovery from a lost or replaced cellphone. Configuration details can be found on Duo’s website.