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Follow these tips to optimize your experience with Duo, UO's two-step login service.


1) Remember Me for 7 Days

This handy feature lets you verify with Duo just once per week for most UO services (per browser or app, per device).

2) Disaster-Proof with Codes from the App

Make sure you'll be able to log in if your phone dies or gets lost. We recommend planning ahead by stockpiling some passcodes.

  • Use the Duo Mobile app to generate a few passcodes. Write the codes on a piece of paper and store it securely.
  • When needed, you can use the codes at the Duo prompt in the order generated.

3) Think twice before you tap Approve

If you get a Duo push notification or phone call when you're not logging in to a UO service, that means someone else is trying to log in with your Duck ID and password.

  • Stop unauthorized use of your account by tapping Deny in the Duo Mobile app or 9 on a phone call.
  • UO IT staff will be notified whenever you deny a fraudulent Duo verification request.

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