How to register and manage devices for Duo


Before you can use two-step login, you will need to register at least one device as a method for that purpose.

Information Services strongly recommends that you register more than one device with the two-step login service. In the event your primary device is lost, broken, or forgotten at home for a day, having a second method such as the landline phone number for your office and/or home registered means you won't have to contact the Technology Service Desk for assistance.

Device Management

Registering New Phones and Tablets

Supported smartphones, tablets, and landlines can be registered at Duck ID Self-Service

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Manage Your Duck ID"
  3. Log in with your Duck ID and password
  4. Click the "Manage Two-Step Login Devices" link (visual aid below)
  5. Click the Start setup button to register your first device, and follow the instructions

Want a step-by-step walkthrough of how to register? We've got you covered!

​​​​​​​Screenshot shows the Available Self-Service Actions screen within Duck ID Self-Service. The Manage Two-Step Login Devices link is circled in red.

Registering New Hardware Tokens

For most people, a cell phone, tablet, or landline phone will be the most convenient option to use with Duo. If you don't have one of those available, you can instead use a hardware token.

Hardware tokens must be registered through the UO Service Portal.

Registering Additional Devices and Managing Previously Registered Devices

If you already have one or more registered methods when you log in to the Manage Two-Step Login Devices area of Duck ID Self-Service, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to update or remove your existing device(s) as well as the ability to register more after you authenticate with Duo.

If you are unable to authenticate with Duo, request help through the Two-Step Login service.

For more detailed information about managing devices, visit