Articles that walk you through enrolling for Duo. Screenshots are included where helpful.

Articles (6)

Pinned Article Getting Started with Two-Step Login (Duo)

This page provides instructions for getting started with Duo, UO's two-step login service.

Pinned Article How to register and manage devices for Duo

A brief description of how to register new and manage existing devices with Duo.

Pinned Article Registering your device in Duo Universal Prompt

This article will cover the registration process for devices using the Android and iOS operating systems, and registering a phone number not connected to the Duo Mobile app.

Duo registration guide for hardware tokens

Instructions for registering a new hardware token obtained from UO

How to set up a YubiKey for Duo

Instructions for configuring a YubiKey (uncommon) to work with Duo

Setting up an HOTP token for Duo

Instructions for setting up an HOTP token for two-step login.