Role/Department Accounts


Role/Department accounts provide business continuity for University programs by allowing a single Duck ID account to be used by multiple people with the same function.

These accounts can be passed from one person to another as responsibilities or business needs change. Each account has a designated owner responsible for any changes requested to the account. If the designated owner is no longer available, a dean or department head from the department using the account may designate a new owner.  Owners must be regular/on-going faculty or staff.

Account information

Role/Department accounts fall into the following categories:

  • Position/Role Account: Provides an email address for a specific business or academic function that can be transferred to another person without a change in the email address or the need to separate business and personal email.
  • Group Account: Provides an email address and/or web presence for research projects, student clubs and groups, committees, and task forces. 

Accounts for other purposes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You can request a new account or update an existing account using the Role/Department Account Request.

Changes to an existing account that can be requested through this form include but aren't limited to password resets, adding services, removing services, changing the display name, and closing the account. The person on file as the account's owner must request changes. If the owner is not available, a dean or department head for the unit using the account can also make a request.

These accounts may also be referred to as Department Account, Non-Person Account, or Role Account.


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