How to Setup a YubiKey for Two-Step Login with Yubico OTP


Our Two-Step login service can be configured to use a One-Time Password (OTP) instead of Duo Push, Duo Mobile, or a Duo token.




  1. Install then start the YubiKey Personalization Tool
  2. Insert the YubiKey into a USB port
  3. Wait for the Personalization Tool to recognize the Yubikey.  It will say "Yubikey is inserted" in the upper right corner.
  4. From the options at the top, select Yubico OTP
  5. Select Quick
  6. Select a configuration slot (1 is short tap, 2 is long tap)
  7. Click Regenerate
  8. Uncheck Hide Values
  9. Make note of the following values
    • Serial number (in right hand column after Dec:)
    • Private Identity
    • Secret Key
  10. Select Write Configuration to save the settings to your YubiKey
    1. Select Yes to confirm that you want to change the settings on your YubiKey
    2. Select Save to save the log file of the change to your computer
  11. Exit the YubiKey Personalization Tool
  12. Navigate to the Two-Step Login service and Request Help
  13. Select YubiKey hardware token registration
  14. Enter the serial number, private identity and secret keys you saved before into the appropriate fields
  15. Click Request to submit your request
  16. You will be notified by email when your key has been applied to your account.



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