How to set up a YubiKey for Duo


Our Two-Step login service can be configured to use a One-Time Password (OTP) instead of Duo Push, Duo Mobile, or a Duo token.



  • A YubiKey with support for One-Time Passwords.
  • A computer with YubiKey Manager.


  1. Install YubiKey Manager.
  2. Open YubiKey Manager.
  3. Insert the YubiKey into a USB port.
  4. Wait for the YubiKey Manager app to recognize the YubiKey. 
    • To know if it has recognized the YubiKey, ensure that the details about the YubiKey that is connected is on the Home screen.
  5. Note the Serial Number.
  6. From the Applications menu at the top, select OTP.
  7. Select a configuration slot (1 is short tap, 2 is long tap), using the Configure button.
  8. Select Yubico OTP as the credential type.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Check Use serial for Public ID.
  11. Click Generate for both Private ID and Secret Key.
  12. Ensure you have noted the following values:
    • Serial Number
    • Private ID
    • Secret Key(s)
  13. Select Finish.
    • This will save the settings to your YubiKey.
  14. Exit YubiKey Manager.
  15. Navigate to the Two-Step Login service.
  16. Select Create a Ticket.
  17. Select YubiKey hardware token registration.
  18. Enter the Serial Number, Private ID and Secret Key(s) noted in Step 12 into the appropriate fields.
  19. Click Request.

You will be notified by email when your key has been applied to your account.


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