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This article contains information about hardware tokens used to log in with Duo.


Where can I get a hardware token? Is there a cost?

The first two hardware tokens are available free of charge to members of the UO community with personal Duck ID accounts.

Lost, stolen or broken tokens will incur a cost if two free tokens have already been received. Any token beyond the second will have a $20.00 USD charge associated with it.

Duo Token Pickup Locations:

  • Technology Service Desk - EMU42
  • Academic North Equipment Desk - LA124
  • Academic South Help Desk - LIB
  • Academic Central Help Desk - LAW
  • Portland Campus - White Stag

What is a hardware token?

A hardware token — also known as a security key or token — is a small device that can provide a second method of authentication for two-step login. Hardware tokens may be in the form of a USB device, key fob, or smart card.

As an example, if you receive a token from UO, it will look like one of these:

How do I use a hardware token?

Tokens provided by UO feature a button on the front side. To use these tokens:

  • Press the button to make a passcode appear.
  • You can login with Duo by clicking the Hardware Token option and then typing in the code displayed on your token.
    • If you used a different method prior to using a token, you will need to select the Other options link first, then select Hardware Token.
  • To use other types of tokens, follow manufacturer instructions.

What hardware tokens are supported?

Tokens provided by UO:

  • Duo's D-100 Digipass GO6 hardware tokens 
  • Feitian's OTP c100 hardware tokens 

Tokens purchased through your department or on your own:

  • YubiKeys by Yubico
  • Other HOTP hardware tokens (note: only registrable if you can provide required values from your token)

What do I do if my token stops working?

If the token is displaying codes but they are not working when entered:

  1. Make sure your account is not currently locked out in Duo
  2. Generate three consecutive codes from the token
  3. Enter the codes in the order they were generated into the Passcode option when signing into Duo
    • This should be done within a five-minute window
    • No other codes should be entered in-between entering the three codes generated by the token
  4. After entering the third code, the token should be re-synced and any new code generated should work again in the future.

Need Help?

If the token is not displaying codes at all, contact the Technology Service Desk for troubleshooting assistance.

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