About hardware tokens for Duo


This article contains information about hardware tokens used to log in with Duo.


Where can I get a hardware token? Is there a cost?

Hardware tokens are available free of charge to members of the UO community with personal Duck ID accounts.

While campus operations remain modified for COVID-19, receiving a token requires making an appointment to visit IT staff on campus.

To schedule your appointment:

  1. Visit the Two-Step Login (Duo) Token Request & Registration page
  2. Click Create a Ticket
  3. Select I want to schedule a token appointment, then select a location and click Request
  4. IT staff from the location you selected will receive your ticket and contact you via email with more information.

Having trouble logging into the Two-Step Login (Duo) Token Request & Registration page? You can contact the Technology Service Desk via phone or chat for assistance!

What is a hardware token?

A hardware token — also known as a security key or token — is a small device that can provide a second method of authentication for two-step login. Hardware tokens may be in the form of a USB device, key fob, or smart card.

As an example, if you receive a token from UO, it will look like one of these:

How do I use a hardware token?

Tokens provided by UO feature a button on the front side. To use these tokens, press the button to make a passcode appear.

You can login with Duo by clicking the "Enter a Passcode" option and then typing in the code displayed on your token.

To use other types of tokens, follow manufacturer instructions.

What hardware tokens are supported?

Tokens provided by UO:

  • Duo's D-100 Digipass GO6 hardware tokens 
  • Feitian's OTP c100 hardware tokens 

Tokens purchased through your department or on your own:

  • YubiKeys by Yubico
  • Other HOTP hardware tokens (note: only registrable if you can provide required values from your token)

What do I do if my token stops working?

If the token is displaying codes but they are not working when entered:

  1. Make sure your account is not currently locked out in Duo
  2. Generate 3 consecutive codes from the token
  3. Enter the codes in the order they were generated into the Passcode option when signing into Duo
    • This should be done within a 5 minute window
    • No other codes should be entered in-between entering the 3 codes generated by the token
  4. The third code entered should work and the codes from the token should be re-synced and work again in the future.

If the token is not displaying codes at all


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