About hardware tokens for Duo


This article contains information about hardware tokens used to login with Duo.


Where can I get a hardware token?

Information Services provides hardware tokens free of cost to employees.

While UO operations are modified due to COVID-19, new token distribution is limited. Employees are strongly encouraged to register a mobile or home landline phone until campus operations return to normal.

Employees who don't have personal devices available to use with Duo can make an appointment to pick up a token from Eugene campus. Staff are available for appointments between the hours of 1 PM - 3 PM, Monday - Friday, EXCEPT for July 29-30 when appointment hours will be 8 AM - 5 PM.

To request a token appointment:

  1. Visit Two-Step Login support and click Request Help
  2. Select the option for "I would like to request a hardware token"
  3. Select an appointment time and submit your request
  4. Attend your appointment and receive your token
  5. Register your token at Two-Step Login Token Registration

To attend your token appointment:

You will appear at your appointment time at the College of Design Technical Help Desk, in Lawrence Hall. To find us, enter the Lawrence Hall courtyard from the west side that faces Villard Hall.

Once you enter the courtyard, we are the first door on the right. The doors are locked and we will let you in for your appointment so we can practice physical distancing.

Tokens will be available again from the Technology Service Desk once campus operations return to normal, and they are allowed to re-open.

How do I use a hardware token?

Tokens provided by Information Services feature a button on the front side.

To use these tokens, press the button to make a passcode appear. You can login with Duo by clicking the "Enter a Passcode" button and then typing in the code displayed on your token.

To use other types of tokens, follow manufacturer instructions.

What is a hardware token?

A hardware token — also known as a security key or token — is a small device that can provide a second method of authentication for two-step login. Hardware tokens may be in the form of a USB device, key fob, or smart card.

As an example, if you receive a token from UO, it will look like one of these:

What hardware tokens are supported?

Tokens provided by Information Services:

  • Duo's D-100 Digipass GO6 hardware tokens 
  • Feitian's OTP c100 hardware tokens 

Tokens purchased through your department or on your own:

  • YubiKeys by Yubico
  • Other HOTP hardware tokens (note: only registrable if you can provide required values from your token)
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