Two-Step Login (Duo) Token Request & Registration

Service Description

A hardware token — also known as a security key or token — is a small device that can be used to two-step login with Duo. 

Hardware tokens are available from UO free of charge for members of the community who don't have any other supported devices available for use.

How to Create a Ticket

Click the Create a Ticket button on this page if you need to:

  • Request an appointment to pick up your hardware token
  • Register your hardware token after receiving it

How to register a token

To register a token:

  1. Click Create a Ticket
  2. Select the option to register the type of token you have (not sure? see below for examples)
  3. Enter the serial number from the back of your token
  4. Click Request

Note: Registration is not completed immediately. There is a process that runs every 15 minutes. Users will receive email confirmation from the UO Service Portal when their token is ready for use. If token registration fails, staff will provide support in the order tickets are received.

Token Types

UO currently has two token types that can be registered with this service entry:

  • Duo Digipass Tokens (front: says DUO, green button; back: 10-digit serial number)
  • Feitian c100 Tokens (front: says OTP c100, red button; back: 13-digit serial number)

The image below is an example to indicate where to find your serial number. If you do not have a physical token in your hand right now, please read in the Service Description above about how to pick up your own token.

An infographic showing the backs of the two token types.

Availability and Access

Hardware tokens are available free of charge to all members of the UO community required to use Duo.

To use this service, you must have a claimed Duck ID account and the ability to register devices with Duo.


If you have have questions about Duo, you can submit them through the Two-Step Login (Duo) Support service.

To find out how to speak with someone more quickly, view Contact Technology Help.

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