Information Security

Report Phishing, SSL Certificates, Information Security Consulting

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This service is no longer active, see the "Virtual Desktop Support" service.

Information Security Consulting Request

Contact the Information Security Office to report spam, abuse, data exposure along with requesting IP Blocking, DNS Blocking, and other information security consulting services.

Information Security Standard Exemption Request

Use this service to request an exemption to standards published by the Information System Security Office (ISO).

IP Block Request

Request to block a specific IP address in certain parts of the campus network.

Lost or Stolen Device Report/Tracking

Reporting and recovery assistance with lost or stolen devices (phones, laptops, and other devices)

Report Email Phishing

Use this service to report email phishing messages or inquire about the validity of email messages.

Report Suspected Identity Theft (Red Flag)

Use this service to report Suspected Identity Theft (Red Flag).

Software Vulnerability Management Support

Secunia provides for an automated software inventory of patching levels for managed workstations.

SSL Certificates Support

Information Services, via the InCommon Certificate Service, provides unlimited organization validation (OV) SSL/TLS certificates to UO schools, colleges, departments, institutes and programs.