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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about Duo Universal Prompt, the new interface for Duo two-step login.

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What is Duo Universal Prompt?

Duo Universal Prompt is a new style of Duo prompt and more. It's a suite of updates to the Duo verification process that you experience when logging in to Duo-protected UO services. It will introduce a new look and feel, greater security, new ways to verify your identity, and other changes. Learn more in Around the O.

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When is Duo Universal Prompt coming?

February 28, 2024.

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Why are we changing?

  • The Duo Universal Prompt is built with newer technology that's more secure.
  • It also improves usability, such as remembering which device you last used for verification and automatically choosing it again.
  • Duo is requiring all customers to upgrade to Duo Universal Prompt in the next few months.

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What's new? What is changing?

  • Duo Push becomes Verified Duo Push. If you're accustomed to tapping Approve on your smartphone or tablet, you'll now enter a three-digit code from the new Duo prompt.
  • New Other options link lets you update on the fly. Every time you interact with the Duo Universal Prompt, you can use the new Other options link to make changes, such as:
    • Choosing a different verification method for your current login.
    • Registering a brand-new device.
    • Reconnecting your Duo Mobile app after replacing your smartphone or tablet.
  • Enables Touch ID and other biometrics. Your Duo devices can now include biometric options, such as Touch ID on Mac laptops, Face ID on iPhones, and Android Biometrics. Windows Hello will be an option on personal Windows computers.
  • Remembers your device choices. The Universal Prompt remembers your last-used verification method and displays that option by default. You won't see your other available verification methods unless you select Other options
  • A twist on Remember me. The first time you use Duo, you'll be asked Is this your device? If you confirm, Duo will remember your device for seven days. After that, you'll see a more familiar Remember me checkbox each week. (Learn more about Remember me with the Universal Prompt.)
  • Improved security at the prompt screen. The Universal Prompt loads on a webpage hosted by Duo, which means you no longer have to allow third-party cookies in your browser to take advantage of the Remember me option.
  • Supports more languages. The Universal Prompt supports English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese. The prompt interface will use the language settings in your browser or operating system to determine your preferred language.

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What will the new Duo prompt look like?

Switch between the current prompt and the new prompt to see an example of the changes.

Duo Traditional Prompt

The current prompt offers all of the options (verification methods and adding and managing new devices) on the same screen with a Remember me for 7 days checkbox.

The Duo Universal Prompt Verified Push screen

The example above shows a three-digit code displaying with the Verified Duo Push option. Selecting the Other options link below that will direct you to the other verification methods registered to your account, as well as the option to add new devices or manage your existing devices.

The user utilizing Verified Push would enter that code into the Duo Mobile app.

Duo UP Verified Push code entry screen

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What is not changing?

  • Duo-protected services. The same UO services will require Duo verification.
  • Your Duo devices. All your existing devices will remain registered to your account.
  • Verification options. Existing methods of verification will continue to work, including tokens, passcodes, and phone calls.
    • To continue using Duo Push, some people may need to update their device's operating system or Duo Mobile app.

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Do I need to take action before February 28, 2024?

  • Everyone:
    • Expect to get Duo verification prompts for all Duo-protected UO services the first time you log in to UO services on or after February 28.
  • If you use Duo Push:
    • On your smartphone or tablet, install any available updates to the operating system and Duo Mobile app.
    • Here's what Verified Push requires:
      • Android: Android 8 or later and Duo Mobile 4.16.0 or later.
      • iOS: iOS 13 or later and Duo Mobile 4.17.0 or later.
    • If you can't update your device, plan to use a different verification method starting February 28.
  • If you use an Apple Watch:
    • Verified Push does work on Apple Watches — but it's not a very smooth experience.
    • Be prepared for a slower Duo experience on February 28, or plan to interact with Verified Push on your iPhone.
    • For more information, visit the Verified Push with Apple Watch article. 

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Do I need to register my device(s) again?

No. All your existing devices will remain registered to your account.

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Will there be training?

  • Yes, Information Services will host trainings in late February. We'll announce dates and locations soon.
  • Self-paced training materials are available here in the UO Service Portal.

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Can I see a demo of Verified Push?

  • Yes. Check out the demo video from Duo.
    • Please note that UO's version of Verified Push will use a three-digit verification code, not the six-digit code shown in Duo's demo.

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Where can I ask questions or get help with Duo?

Please submit a ticket at Two-Step Login (Duo) Support.

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