Campus Virtual Lab Support

Service Description

The campus virtual lab is comprised of two virtual labs, a general use, 200-person "main" lab and a high-performance, 40-person lab. Both provide access to specialty software for classes that are traditionally only available in a physical computer lab. This includes software you would find in the SSIL Computer lab, SOJC, DSGN, EMU, Libraries and School of Education, among others.

Software is divided between a main lab and a high-performance lab. To use the main lab, visit and log in with your Duck ID.

If you have any issues running the service, or would like to request a new application or modification to an existing application, click Request Lab Support on the right side of the page to request support.

Available To

  • Main lab: Any student or faculty may use this lab for coursework or instructional purposes.
  • High-performance lab: Access is available by request for certain courses or demonstrated need. See Requesting Access below.


Applications supported in these labs:

  • Windows applications, 
  • Software for educational use, or
  • Open source software, free software, or software licensed by one or more units in the UO for use in a virtual environment.

Neither lab supports the following:

  • Mac, Android, or iOS applications, as these operationg systems are not currently supportable
  • Software for UO business use
  • Software without a valid license
  • Software which requires a physical control (dongle, MRI machine, etc)
  • Software that excessively consumes resources

Applications are for use in conjunction with classes. Staff or faculty should not use these resources to perform business for the UO. For a list of software currently available in each virtual lab, see Computer Lab Software Availability.

Support does not include how to use an application beyond ensuring the software runs correctly and is configured as expected by lab admins and faculty.

Requesting Access

Anyone that is currently affiliated with the University of Oregon can access the Computer Virtual Lab. See Accessing the Service below for directions on how to get started.

Requesting Access to the High-Performance Lab

If you need to use a computer with more GPU resources, you may request access to our high-performance computer lab. Faculty may request an entire class be added. For either request:

  1. Click the Request Lab Help
  2. Select "Request access to lab with more graphic processing resources"
  3. Fill out the form and an IT representative will contact you as soon possible based on the Service Level outlined below.

If you need help with software in one of the two labs, contact the Technology Support Desk at 541-346-4357 (6-HELP) or Live Chat Help.

Accessing the Service

UO faculty and students may access the service by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Duck ID and your password
  3. Click on UO Virtual Computer Lab ---- Or (If you have received access): UO Virtual High-Performance Lab 
  4. Please wait while VDI sets up your virtual computer—you’ll see a “Preparing Windows” message


Enable File-Transfer options in your computer lab session

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Service Levels 

Support requests will be prioritized by impact and urgency.

Non-Emergency Support
During Regular Business Hours Outside Regular Business Hours

Initial Reply – 1-4 business hours

Initial Reply - Next business day

Connection issues and quality of service will be actively monitored during regular hours. Service outage will be monitored during all hours.

Service Provider

Information Services