Continuing and Professional Education Shared Data Access

Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) staff use this service for support with access to files and folders on files/academic_extension, as well as MED and WIT.

Requests need to be submitted by:

  • Owner of files/folders
  • Staff with the supervisor or file/folder owner cc'd

How to Request Access

To request support, click Request Access (top right of the page) and provide the requested information.

  • Are you requesting access, terminating access, or modifying access
    • Who is access/modification for First and Last name
  • Files/Folders on academic_extension
    • Path to folder/file being given access
    • Type of access, i.e., read, read/write
    • If this is for subfolders and files also
  • WIT
    • Account name
    • UO email to associate with
    • Classification: Student, OA, Classified
  • MED
    • Account being given access
    • Access to: CRM, Curriculum, OLLI Payments, OLLI Patrons, Registration, Reports
    • Type of access, i.e., read, write, read/write
    • Access approver

Availability and Access

You can expect this service to be completed in 2 business Days.

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Request Access


Service ID: 51440
Fri 10/28/22 10:37 AM
Mon 10/9/23 11:49 AM