Card Design Request

UO Department Coordinators may request a new design for name badges for their employees or volunteers.

See the Department Services|Erb Memorial Union website for more information.

How to Request Design

This badge is the same size and shape as the regular UO ID card and may contain your department logo or other background artwork of your choice.

To request support click Request Design (top right of the page) and provide the requested information.

  1. Card-size background image (as high resolution image attachment)
  2. Department
  3. Department index
  4. Contact phone and extension

Availability and Access

The initial setup fee for the new badge design is $50. Each badge printed thereafter will cost $10. Patron will submit a card-sized background image.

The card office will work with them to ensure the badge will print well and meet the aesthetic desired by the department. The index will not be charged until a final design is agreed upon.

Service completion times may vary.

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Request Design


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