Housing KeyWatcher Support

This service allows you to request KeyWatcher keys from Housing supported KeyWatcher cabinets. You may also report an access issue, or a KeyWatcher.

What Housing IT supports
  • KeyWatcher Key box
  • Assigning access to KeyWatcher keys
What Housing IT does not
  • Support non-Housing KeyWatchers


  • Information about user.
    • Full name
    • UO ID (95 number) of user
    • Prox ID of user (found on back of UO ID card, in the top right)
  • Please provide the location of request/issue

Availability and Access

This Service is for Housing employees.
You can expect a response to your request within 2 business days.


If you have any additional questions view the Housing IT Services page.

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Request Keywatcher Access Report Keywatcher Issue


Service ID: 51460
Wed 2/15/23 10:46 AM
Mon 7/3/23 1:57 PM

Service Offerings (2)

Housing Keywatcher Support Request
Request KeyWatcher keys from a Housing IT supported KeyWatcher.
Housing Report KeyWatcher Issue
This service allows you to report issues happening with Housing supported KeyWatcher cabinets, or your account.