SSL Certificates Support

Information Services, via the InCommon Certificate Service, provides unlimited organization validation (OV) SSL/TLS certificates to University of Oregon schools, colleges, departments, institutes and programs. Using this service you can: (plus others)

  • Request a new SSL Certificate
  • Renew SSL Certificate
  • Request a new domain (DCV)
  • Revoke a certificate

How to Create a Ticket

To request SSL Certificate support click Create a Ticket (top right of the page) and provide the following required information for each request:

New or Renew SSL Certificate
  • Server Common Host name
  • Contact email addres
  • Server software type
  • Certificate Signing Request
Request a Domain Control Validation (DCV)
  • Contact email address
  • Domain name
  • Domain contact email address
Revoke a certificate
  • Order Number
  • Certificate you want revoked
Oher request
  • Provide a detailed description of the request

Availability and Access

Current UO affiliation


If you have any additional questions contact

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