API Access & Support

Use this service to request access to or help with an Application Program Interface (API). Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Logging into the UO API Developer Portal
  • Providing access to existing API's
  • Assisting with data steward approval for API use
  • Fronting existing API's behind the API gateway
  • Consulting for access to enterprise data
  • Others (please describe)

A non-comprehensive list of API's that are available for use can be found by logging in with your DuckId and password to the UO API Developer Portal: https://developer.uoregon.edu, choosing "Products" and then selecting "APIs Available for Use with Subscription".

How to Request Support

To request support click Request Support (top right of the page) and provide a detailed description of your request.

Availability and Access

Faculty and Staff

The requestor must have approval from the appropriate data custodian(s) to access data made available by the API(s) for which access is being requested. Help with obtaining approval can be provided if needed.

Once access is granted, the requester will be provided with a UO service account username and password which will allow access to API credentials and documentation at https://developer.uoregon.edu.

API documentation can be found once access is granted at University of Oregon API Developer Portal

There are no additional charges for the use of this service.

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