Duck Bucks Card Request

UO-Affiliated and non-UO-affiliated customers use this service to request pre-loaded Duck Bucks cards

Duck Bucks terms and conditions can be found on the Duck Bucks Terms and Conditions website.

How to Request a Card

To request support click Request Cards (top right of the page) and provide the requested information.

  1. Number of cards needed
  2. Initial deposit amount
  3. Department index to charge (if applicable)
  4. Date cards needed be picked up
  5. Name of the individual authorized to pick up the cards

Availability and Access

There is a $1 charge for each card in addition to the initial deposit amount.

Completion time frames may vary depending on volume. After placing your request, we may reply with a tentative quote, including a completion time frame. Please use the following guidelines to allow enough time for your order to be processed:

250+ cards - Minimum 3 business days

500+ cards - Minimum 5 business days

1000+ cards - Minimum 8-10 business days

Time frames may vary and are subject to change.

UO Faculty/Staff and Students

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Request Cards


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