Enterprise Application Add-In or Integration Service Request

University Faculty and Staff use this service to request Add-In or Integration services to support an add-in for Office365, Teams, Zoom (or others).

How to Request Adding

To request support, click Request Add-In (top right of the page) and provide the requested information:

  1. Name of the Add-In or Integration
  2. Add-In, Integration line
  3. Service Owner(s)
  4. Cost
  5. Cost Index
  6. Parent Service
  7. Number of users
  8. Duckid(s) of user(s)
  9. Are there any sensitive data types
  10. Use Case

Availability and Access

You can expect a response to your request within 14 business days.

UO Faculty/Staff and Students


If you have any additional questions, view the Contact Technology Help page.

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Request Add-In


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Tue 4/11/23 2:01 PM
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