Data Center Services Support

Campus IT staff will use this service to request support from the Information Services data centers, including but not limited to:

  • Installing new hardware in an IS data center
  • Adding hosts to an existing rack space or replacing hardware
  • Data center network help
  • Removing hardware
  • Others

Please review the "Data Centers Support Requirements" document (right side of page) before submtting a support request.

How to Create a Ticket

To request support click Create a Ticket (top right of the page) and provide the following information:

Information Services Support Options
  • Install new hardware
  • Relocate existing hardware
  • Hardware repair
  • Re-cabling a host
  • Request network assistance
  • Decommission hardware
Campus IT Staff Support Options
  • New colocation request
  • Add host(s) to existing rack space
  • Request network assistance
  • Notify Data Center Operations team of pending hardware removal

Availability and Access

Campus IT staff. This service is available for academic programs, research, and administrative support only.

For routine installations (up to 4 rack units (RU) with no more than 4 network interfaces), we strive to have your space in the AHDC ready for your equipment to be installed within 10 business days from the date these two conditions are met:

  • A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between your department and Information Services is in place, and 
  • We have complete and correct details regarding the equipment, networking requirements, and security policy requirements

For larger, more complex installations (more RU required, more interfaces, complex security policies) we will work out timing with you as part of the process, but will potentially require more than 10 business days.

The Allen Hall Data Center is designed to accommodate uninterrupted 24x7 operations. Typical maintenance processes will be performed without service disruption. Maintenance that has a substantial risk of causing a service-impacting outage will be performed within a maintenance window whenever possible, and will be announced at and on the appropriate email lists. Network maintenance windows are listed at


If you have any additional questions view the Contact Technology Help page.

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