CAS Computer Replacement Program (CCRP) Order Form

CAS Faculty and Staff use this service to complete the CAS Computer Replacement Program (CCRP) Order Form.

Note: You can only submit this form after your department eligibility has been determined and you have been authorized for the subsidy.

See the CAS Computer Replacement Program (CCRP) article for more details.

How to Submit the Order Form

Click on "Submit Order" (upper right corner) and provide the following information (you will want to collect this information before starting the order form):

  • Specify if you are ordering on behalf of another person, or for yourself.
  • If ordering on behalf of another person, you will need to supply:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Department/Program/Institute
  • Disc Usage
    • MAC Instructions
      1. Find your hard drive in the Finder and select it. If it appears in the Finder window sidebar or on the Desktop (it doesn’t by default—go to Finder > Preferences to change that), click your hard drive icon in either of those spots. If your hard drive icon doesn’t appear there, go to Go > Computer, then click the hard drive icon under Devices.
      2. Click the File menu, and select Get Info, or press Command-I on your keyboard.
      3. Note the Capacity and Available in gigabytes (GB) in the appropriate section.
    • Windows Instructions
      1. Open File Explorer
      2. Select 'This PC' from the tree menu on the left side of the window
      3. Note the Capacity and Free Space of the Windows(C:) in gigabytes (GB) in the appropriate section. e.g. 100 GB free of 471GB
  • Eligible Machine Options (see USS Device and Hardware Standards for standard and custom options)
    • Computer Type
    • Computer Configuration
    • Description/justification for any custom requests
  • Description/justification for additional peripheral options
  • Description of software options
    • All machines come with Microsoft Office 365, and Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost.
    • Dells, and other windows computers come standard with Windows 10 Enterprise.
    • Note any requested changes to Microsoft software or additional software requests.
  • Whether you want USS to perform data migration.

Availability and Access

This service is only available to CAS Faculty and Staff who have been pre-approved for eligibility


If you have any additional questions view the Contact Technology Help page.

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