Sponsored Duck ID Account Request

Faculty and staff can use this service to request a Sponsored Duck ID.

This account type provides access to a limited set of computing services for up to 100 days, with a one-time renewal option.

Guests eligible for sponsorship are individuals participating in university activities without being formally affiliated with the University of Oregon, such as visiting faculty, research partners at other institutions, contractors, and others who only need to access a minimal suite of technology for a short period.

Sponsors are encouraged to review additional information about sponsored Duck ID accounts before proceeding.


Purpose: The guest's use of computing resources must be for UO business or academic purposes.

Sponsorship: Sponsored accounts must be requested by faculty or staff. Other employee types and appointment holders are not eligible to sponsor guests.

Approval: Each sponsored account request must be approved by the president, provost, dean, vice provost, vice president, associate vice president, or their IS designee.

Duration: The guest's need for access is anticipated to last two terms or less (equating to 100 days, plus a one-time renewal). Guests who need access for longer than two terms are best served by obtaining an associate or courtesy appointment from the beginning to avoid confusing duplication of accounts. More information on these appointment types can be found at Guest Access to UO Technology.

Available Computing Access

Sponsored accounts can provide a set of core technology access.

Services that by design require an affiliation or UO ID (95#) to authenticate are unavailable to sponsored accounts.

More detailed information is available at Sponsored Duck ID Accounts.

How to Create a Ticket

To request support click Create a Ticket (top right of the page) and provide the required information.


If you have questions, please contact us through the Campus Access & Support Request page.

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This account type serves individuals who aren't formally affiliated with UO but need short-term computing access due to involvement in business or academic activities.


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