Sponsored Duck ID Accounts


Departments sometimes have a need to provide computing services to individuals who are not formally affiliated with the University of Oregon but are involved in university-related activities. Examples include practicum supervisors, guest lecturers, consultants, contractors, visiting scholars, and vendors. Sponsored accounts can be obtained in these cases to provide access to computing resources.



  • The person’s use of computing resources must be for UO business or academic purposes.
  • Sponsorship requests must be approved by the president, provost, dean, vice provost, vice president, associate vice president, or their designees.
  • The sponsor will take responsibility for the actions of the guest while they are utilizing computing resources at UO.
  • If the requirements for sponsored access end prior to the expiration of the guest account, it is the sponsor's responsibility to terminate the account.


Sponsored accounts will automatically be provisioned in Active Directory.

  • Active Directory accounts will be provisioned to the UO domain with no privileges and departmental administrators can then grant file, print, and other resource access within their organizational unit only as necessary.
  • Other centrally managed services may be granted to sponsored accounts on a case by case basis but must be formally requested by the vice president or appropriate delegate. Requests for additional access to services should be directed to the accounts clerk.
  • The sponsored guest account will be of limited duration with a set expiration date but can be renewed as needed. The vice president or delegate can provision sponsored access for up to 75 days, the period of time considered to be one term (11 weeks minus a two-day weekend).
  • Sponsored accounts are subject to review by the chief information officer.
  • Misconduct related to a sponsored account will result in account termination. Additional penalties may result from abuse by delegates, including the removal of sponsorship provisioning capabilities.

Eligible Guests

This policy defines the following categories of guests that are eligible to be sponsored:

  • Visiting faculty and staff
  • Consultants and contractors hired by the University
  • Visiting researchers
  • Research partners at other institutions
  • Meeting attendees that are colleagues and peers of an eligible sponsor
  • Others needing limited duration access to a minimal set of services

In cases where guests are on campus for longer durations (such as longer than one term), they may be better served by applying for a different affiliation status (for example an Associate or Courtesy affiliation). These affiliations grant additional resources and maybe provisioned for extended periods of time.


Information Services shall integrate the sponsored account system into the current identity management platform. This system will provide:

  • a way of tracking university users who are delegated authority
  • a way for vice presidents and their delegates to provision sponsored accounts and choose account duration (up to maximum policy)
  • a way for vice presidents and their delegates to terminate guest accounts they have sponsored
  • a workflow process that notifies vice presidents or delegates when their guest accounts are expiring
  • an audit trail of all sponsored guests including who they are, their contact information, their business relationship with the university, and their sponsoring employee.

Requesting a Sponsored Account

For requesting a sponsored account, please consult the Sponsored Duck ID Account Request service page.


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