New Employees: How to Claim Your Duck ID Account


When you can claim your Duck ID will vary depending on your relationship with the University of Oregon.

Your Duck ID account username and password are the primary way you will log in to UO technology services such as email, Wi-Fi, department computers, and more. To start using your Duck ID, you first need to complete the account claim process.


When you can claim your Duck ID 

Duck ID Claiming by Affiliation
Affiliation When you can claim

Administrative Employees:

  • Administrative Faculty (Officers of Administration)
  • Staff


  • Faculty (Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty)*
  • Fixed Term Enduring Faculty (Career Non-Tenure Track Faculty)
  • Pro Tempore, Visiting, Postdoctoral Scholar, and Post-Retirement Appointments (Fixed Short Term Faculty)


When prompted through the MyTrack hiring process AND within 90 days of your start date.

*Tenured and tenure-track faculty can claim a Duck ID once their contract is completed. This is automatically available if you're within 90 days of your start date. If you need to claim earlier than 90 days before start, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

Administrative Support Employees:

  • Temporary Employees
  • Student Employees

Academic Support:

  • GE (Graduate Employees)
  • Courtesy
  • Emerit

Other Affiliations:

  • Campus Associate
  • Trustees

Beginning on your start date AND at least one day after job information is entered into Banner.

You can check with your hiring department to see if this has been completed.

Note: Different affiliations are entitled to different services. Not all services are available when you first claim your account. Please see Technology Access Timelines for more information.

How to claim your Duck ID 

To claim your Duck ID, you will need your UO ID number (starts with 95) and access to the email you used to apply. You can get your UO ID number from your department's Human Resources representative if needed.

  1. Go to Duck ID Account Management.
  2. Click Claim Your Duck ID.
  3. Enter your UO ID Number (this is a nine digit number beginning with 95)
  4. Go to the email address indicated to retrieve your PIN.
  5. Enter PIN.
  6. Click banner: Please review the university policy for acceptable use of computing systems.
  7. Read and accept the Terms of Service.
  8. Click banner: Please enroll security questions.
  9. Complete four standard and two user defined questions.
    • Answers are not case-sensitive.
  10. Click Update.
  12. You will see a pop-up window: Claim a Duck ID account.
  13. Select a Duck ID from the drop down options.
    • The selected Duck ID will also be your email address.
    • If you have a reserved username, it will be the only username that appears. Please note that new reservations aren't available for claim until the following day.
      Note: If you don't like any of the available options, please work with your hiring department BEFORE claiming a Duck ID to see if alternatives are available. Once an account is claimed, the Duck ID cannot be changed solely for the preference of the new employee.
  14. Click Next to continue.
  15. Enter a password and confirm.
    • Requirements will turn green as they are met.
  16. Click Submit.
  17. You will see the message Your request was successfully submitted, then this enrollment task is complete.
  18. You are done, and can logout.

Begin using your new account

Get Help 

For help with claiming your Duck ID, please contact the Technology Service Desk

To receive accommodations for using the Duck ID Account Management site, please contact the Technology Service Desk in person, by phone, or by chat.

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If you are having troubles claiming your Duck ID or encountered an error during the claim process
UHS hiring managers and support staff use this form to request initial account creation and onboarding from UHS IT.