Reserving a Duck ID for a New Employee



Departmental HR representatives can reserve a Duck ID username for their new employees through the Duck ID Account Management System. Reservations will no longer be done through PWADUCK in Banner. However, access to this functionality is still granted by request using the FIS/HRIS/AR User Profile Form linked on How to get or update Banner access.

Warning!  You must reserve a Duck ID for your new employee before they claim their account. Once an account is claimed, the Duck ID cannot be changed solely for the preference of the new employee.

Previous Duck ID account

If your new employee previously had a Duck ID account, their previous Duck ID will automatically be reserved for them. In this case, you will see the previous Duck ID appear as reserved on their profile in the Duck ID Account Management System. You will not be able to remove or change the reserved Duck ID for a returning user. If there are circumstances that require a new Duck ID to be used, please submit a Campus Access & Support Request for assistance.

Viewing reserved name and account claim status

  1. Login to Duck ID Account Management
  2. Under Other Users, click View and update profile
  3. Search by 95# or full name
  4. Click on the result you want to view

If you do not find the person you are looking for, then the Duck ID system has not yet picked up an active employee record for them. New employees will be available in Duck ID the day after they have an active employee record in Banner.

Available information

  • Duck ID field: Shows their current Duck ID.  If it is blank, this person has not yet claimed their account.
  • Reserved Duck ID: Shows if a username is currently reserved.

Reserving a Duck ID

To reserve a Duck ID

If the account is not yet claimed, and there is no reserved name already, then you can reserve a username.

  1. Log in to Duck ID
  2. Under Other Users, click View and update profile
  3. Search by 95# or full name
  4. Click on the result you want to view
  5. Scroll down to the Request section and click Insert reserved name
  6. In the pop-up screen type in the username you want to reserve
    • Reserved username must:
      • start with a letter
      • be 3-8 characters
      • contain only letters and numbers
      • contain only a combination of their name (first, preferred first, middle, and last)
      • DO NOT use position-based names, nicknames, or any other names not based on the employee's name officially on file in Banner.
  7. Click Next to check the availability of the username you entered
    • If you get the error Profile ID already exists in the username lookup - type in a new username and click Next again to check availability
  8. If the username is available you will advance to the Review and Submit screen Warning! Submitting is final.  Once you choose to submit, you will not be able to change the selected reserved username
  9. When you are sure this is the name you want, click Submit
Note: Your new employee will still need to claim their Duck ID account.

Getting Help

If you have any questions about this process, please submit a Campus Access & Support Request for assistance.


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