Reserving a Duck ID for a New Employee


Departmental HR representatives can reserve a Duck ID username for their new employees.


Please Note:  You must reserve a Duck ID for your new employee BEFORE they claim their account. Once an account is claimed, the Duck ID cannot be changed solely for the preference of the new employee.

Duck ID reservations can be made and reviewed in Banner form PWADUCK.

To reserve a Duck ID:

  1. Log in to Banner
  2. Go to PWADUCK
  3. Enter your new employee's UO ID Number in the ID field
  4. Enter the desired Duck ID in the Duck ID User Name field, following requirements. Duck IDs must:
    • Be between 3-8 characters long
    • Contain letters and numbers only
    • Begin with a letter
    • Be based on the employee's name (includes legal first, middle, and last names, as well as a preferred first name)
  5. Click the Reserve Duck ID button
  6. A results message will appear:
    • Successful reservation message: Duck ID "puddles" added successfully (appears in the middle of the form)
    • Unsuccessful message: The user name is no longer available (appears at the bottom of the Banner window)

If a Duck ID has already been reserved for the employee, it will appear in the Duck ID User Name field and the Reserve Duck ID button will be grayed out.

Once a Duck ID is reserved, your new employee will be presented with only that username option when claiming their account.

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