Getting Started with UOmail

Accessing Your Email and Calendar

Logging in

When logging in to UOmail, you will need to use your full email address ( rather than just your username (duckid).

Using a browser

You can access your inbox and calendar online by visiting

Please see UOmail: Using Outlook for the web for information on using and organizing your email and calendar online.

Using the Outlook app for desktop, laptop, or mobile

You can use a variety of email programs to access your email and calendar on your desktop or laptop computer.  However, for full functionality, we recommend using Outlook. If you do not already have Outlook, you can download and install it through Office 365. Please see How to Install Microsoft Office Applications for installation instructions. 

Once installed, choose the setup instructions you need: 

Using a mail application for Android, iOS, and MacOS

You can also use UOmail through the native mail application on your device. Please note that you may need to use a separate app to access your UOmail calendar. For full functionality, we recommend using Outlook instead.

Using other mail applications

If you're using a different email program, you can find setup instructions at Setting Up Your Email.


Moving from Webmail

If you recently switched from Webmail to UOmail and want to save your old messages, you have a limited amount of time. Your Webmail messages will be available for 180 days after your move to UOmail. You must move your messages out of Webmail during this time to save them. 

There are a few different options for saving your old email.

Moving old email to UOmail

Option 1: Migration tool

  • If you want to move all of your old email to UOmail, you can use our automated migration tool. You can access this tool as soon as you can login to UOmail. 
  • Please note: You need to be on campus or UO VPN to use the migration tool. You can find instructions on connecting here: Getting Started with UO VPN.
Note: This migration tool is being phased out as part of the modern authentication project. When the tool is no longer available, people can still use Option 2 below. Students scheduled to switch to UOmail on June 21, 22, 23, or 27 will have access to the migration tool through Tuesday, July 5.

Option 2: Using an email program

  • If you want to move only some of your old email — or if you still want to move your old email after June 26 — you can use an email program to connect to both accounts, and then manually drag messages from Webmail to UOmail. Instructions are available at Webmail: Exporting Email.

Exporting old email to Gmail

If you would prefer to save your old Webmail messages to an external Gmail account, instructions are available at Webmail: Exporting Email.


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